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interlude [Interlude L2J]L2GoldenOatH


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.. L2 GoldenOatH ..

Server Site : [Click Me]

Server Rates

xp: 8.000

sp: 8.000

adenas : 1.000

Enchant Rates


Safe : 10

Max : 40


Weapon Rate : 85%

Armor/Jewels Rate : 80%

Server Custom's


Titanium Armor (With Special Stat's)

Epic Weapon's ( With Special Glows/Stat's)

Custom Stats In Tattoo

Custom Noblesse Coin..

Special Farm Zone's / PvP Zone

Other Features


Full PvP All the time

Clan vs Clan

Ally vs Ally


70 ppl online Every day Saterday's and Sunday's have 100++ Ppl Online..!!


Server Is In Dedicated Server.. No At home..






Server Is Not Mine..!!

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Heeheh i was playing this server i have some items(titanium light set +10 boss jeweles set  zombie shield+and nephilim some fa and gliter too)If anyoone wants them pm me!Why i left server i had zeus mace +40 and trade for medusa duals +36 and I broke them :( shot00053.th.jpg

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Another one ucoz server.

BTW Good luck.


P.S. The server enchants fail for me, i dont like them so i will never join that server.


Yeah i think so too, and im with you.

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This server suck !

Archer have more atk speed than dagger


Stupid farm

Retarded enchant

Retarded GM

Retarded Greeks



Don't join !

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you spam for what? you are only 10years old.. and you tell anything for server...



Archer have more atack speed than dagger x-ax-ax-a-xa-x


this is tyrant... you dont know l2...


BUGZZ??????????? tell me one bug..

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