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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2 Java


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I want to introduce our new project - Trilogy


This mod was developed by our team from 0, yes it's unique.


Some information:


Liberty (Faction)

3 Factions (Angels, Demons and Nature)

Every hour vote for new zone

Kill enemies and earn EXP and Aden

Capture enemies flag

and many other features...


Short movie from server:


And our old server:


And our old server :)

Rates: 5000x5000x50x10000x

Enchant rate: 85%

Max Enchant: 35

TVT, Olympiad and Chaos (Exclusive event, You can find it only here) events

Online time: 24/7

All known critical bugs are fixed

Everyone's PvP and PK score is shown on his title

And lot more features



Webpage: www.l2java.com - Just Try



**Title Edited based on the section rules


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