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[Gracia final L2J] - L2 gamegate


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International server with great community just join us and have fun :)


Exp - x7

Sp - x8

PartyXp - x1.5

PartySp - x1.5

Adena - x10

Drop Items - x10

Raid Drop Items - x2

Spoil - x13

Manor - x8

Quests Reward - x5

Quest - x4


Buffs - 20min

Songs/dance - 5min

Pow/Cov/Pof/Powind/Magnus etc - 5min

Pet Buffs 5min

No Donations



Job Changer In Giran

OffLine Shop


KamaLoka(still under construction but almost done)

Crystal Cavern

Dark Claud Manssion


Events (with period time)

-Playing with Fire

-Heavy medals


-Master of Enchanting

-TvT Event Every 4h With Good Reward


Admins online in game or in msn all teh time


Dual Box Allowed

Flame/Insults are banable


For More Information check our  main webpage

or Click Here

or send a private message in msn to gamemastertan@hotmail.com

Thanks in Advence The GameGate Team.

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How big comminuty on x35??


Lol man Join to see......There is not wonder for questions like these.......




*Good luck man with your server ,it looks great ;).

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Why me and many others just like me wont join your server* Your hosting 2 server, some server r having problem getting ppl for one server...Here you r trying to get 100+ in 2 server...When all your time can go in to one super server and one community.....Good luck with the server's.

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    • 💫 Hi 💫 Please Update To 1.0.6 If You Have It ❤️‍🔥 Thanks Almighty Girl ❤️‍🔥
    • It's the whole MMO genre which is in decline, playerbase left for other "short matches like" games (PUBG, etc). I personally don't recommend projects which : don't allow to edit sources, making you a puppet to the project owner's will to backdoor your face ; force you to use some sort of auth server - even if it's easy to remove, it's imho poor approach for security and the sort of ppl adding backdoors as ultimate, hidden security ; permanently spit on other projects/owners - it often means they aren't confident in their own packs or will have a childish behavior towards you ; use a base pack and claim it's their work - if one lie is found, how much others ? reuse shared customs without even trying to optimize it - which generally means lazyness and copy-paste ability, but nothing helpful in case a real problem happens ; don't go deep in the refactors, or don't touch "touchy" files such as geoengine/movement/... - which means if a real problem happens, you will have to pay someone else. In any case, before paying someone, you should : make some search regarding the dude on forums, to see how he talks/his reputation/his posts ; get opinion from different places/forums/ppl regarding the dude ; see if the dude is known under different names, which should be an instant redflag since it means he is probably banned ; request at least one self-made code exemple (being public or not, generally decent developers also publically share), which could be checked by other ppls if you suck at Java ; clearly doubt the dude if he says he is the best or seems too cocky. About payment : you should use a middleman if you fear anything. It's costy (generally 20% ? I don't know prices), but it will be safe. After few transactions with the same guy, you can probably stop to use one. you should pay when the tests are done and you don't see more issues. If the dude is normally brained, he let you test on his test server, you test everything, you say it's ok, you pay, he gives you the code. If another problem is found after transaction, well there are 2 schools : dev is really friendly and will fix for free, or dev considered you said it was ok, and you pay for untested stuff. On that matter it really depends about the dude himself. I also personally don't recommend any BR as developer - even if nowadays, it's one of the biggest L2 community. That's my own personal experience, and I would like it differs, but really, I didn't meet (did I ?) a single, decent, enjoyable, friendly, non-scammy BR developer on my 12y of aCis. You will be deceived in 90% of cases, all their custom packs are rebranded packs with copy-pasted customs. Please, BR community, make me wrong and be finally an enjoyable piece of humanity. Thank you in advance ! 😄 (About my pack, ty for the kind words, you will get your payment in the end of the month - 0.001% of total profits, 100.000€, as always ?)
    • sadly, it don't works with ukx containing animations sets
    • I didn't deceive anybody. We had two issues with customers from russian forum because I couldn't spend time on development. They've been told about situation and they will receive their money until end of the april. Stop saying a bullshit.
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