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interlude [Interlude L2off] L2 eXistence x7


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Server rate:

Exp Rate: x7

SP Rate: x7

dena Rate: x7

Drop & Spoil Rate:

* Spoil: chance: x2, amount: x3 (materials, key materials, enchants, full items, recipes)

* Drop: chance: x7, amount: x1 (materials, books, life stones, key materials, keys, enchants, full items, recipes)

* seal stones: chance x1, amount x7

Quest rate: exp: x7, SP: x1

Quest rate adena: x3



CPU: AMD PHENOM 64 X4 9650 (4x 2,3 GHz)

Mem: 16 GB [+ EXTRA Cooling]

HD: 2 x 320 GB SATA II

Bandwidth 100 Mbps

Network Uptime Guarantee 99.99%


Server info


eXistence server is maintained by experienced administrators. We worked with Lineage2 servers for over 3 years. We know L2j as well as L2Off. Our server files are created by us from the scratch. We not used pre-made files with a lot of bugs, which are available to everybody and often are unstable. Every expansion from Interlude that we made works in 100%. We weren't and won't be adding things that are not tested. We guarantee stable play for month or even years



registration page: http://www.l2-existence.com/index.php?m=txt&id=26

files: http://www.l2-existence.com/index.php?m=txt&id=30


Homepage : www.l2-existence.com


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