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Amazing 87 mbs stin ellada


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Paidia exw conn-x k mia mera skeftika na dw ti taxitites pianw mpes loipon www.speedtest.net k ti pianw 87 mbs apisteyto deite foto

Den einai epeksergasmeni tpt


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Tha sas pw istoria kanw prwti fora 52 mbs deuteri 87  3 kanonika 8 meta apo kamposi wra ksanakanw 44 telika sas sunistw na balete conn-x :P upload den kserw ti na kanw omws :P

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Bre xesto upload download des egw plirwnw 8 epiasa 87 Den tha itheles na exeis 87 mbs download :P?

87 mbps upload na eixa kai ti ston kosmo



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