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[guide]How to make your own custom items in wow (any version)


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Programes Used:





Websites Used:


WoW Vendetta - Wage Your War

Wowhead: Thrall-tested, Jaina-approved.



================================================== ==


Your server must be running to be able to lod HeidiSQL so have it up and running but DO NOT be logged onto WoW


K first things first get a general idea of what you want to create a weapon or a piece of armor


Once you have decided go to Wowhead, go to the data base tab and into the weapons or armor.


Once your there find a weapon/armor that you think looks cool. Once you have it click on it and then look at your URL find the 5 numbers then copy paste them.


Now open up HeidiSQL.


Go into the Items tab


Then go to data (You will see it at the middle leftish of the screen). Once your there you should see a search bar. Paste the 5 letters you got from the URL in WoW Head into the search bar and hit O.K. if you did it right it you should see the name of the item you chose on Wow head.


Look at what the numbers are. Find the display ID and now copy paste that. Once you have done that Open up Wow-v.com



Now if it is your fist time using Wow-v you will need to make an account first (This doesnt take long). Once you have done that at the top center of your screen you will see pictures. Scroll over them and it will say Armor creator, Weapon Creator, etc. Click on the one you wish to make.


This is the funnest part imo . You can go wild with the stats and the name but before you do anything find the rectangle that says Display ID and copy paste the Id you got from HeidiSQL. Once you are done with that go ahead and make your item! Do not forget for the entry ID to make it something that is easily remembered but also not taken already in the game. I prefer to do something like 000001 and then for the next item you make 000002 etc


Once you are finished with that hit submit at the buttom of the page. If all things were done right then you should get an icon of the weapon you thought was cool. You will Also get the stats of the weapon or armor.


Now it gets a little confusing


Once you are done with that you will find 2 squares with tons of numbers on the bottom. Hit download batch for the first square you see. You should get a Save or Open window. Hit save and save it to either your desktop or your documents.


k now go back into HeidiSQL


At the top look for import. Go to load sql file. If you saved it in desktop go to that and open up the File you saved (It should be the name you named your item). It should take you to query. K now you can do 2 things from here. You can either hit F9 to load it into your server OR you can find the blue triangle that is pointing to the right. This triangle does not have any lines on it unlike the one next to it.


If everything has gone well then you should see at the bottom of the 3 lines something along the lines of 1 row affected, Query time 0.0016 sec.


k now all you have to do is exit out of HeidiSQL (Only if your not making any more)


Log onto WoW, log onto a char. Now this is very important. YOU MUST TYPE .reloadtable items for this to work. If you did not do that the item will not show up in the game. Once that is done type .additem w/e your entry Id was on WoW-V. (The 000001 thing)


If everything was done right then you should see your item added to your inventory and a great feeling in your stomach hehe


Hope this helps anyone with problems tried to be as specific as I could!

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