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Elysian 1-10 Leveling Guide

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This guide is written by me following the format of Iszuldin's Asmodian guide in preperation for the closed beta event beginning June 19th. Mine is not as detailed and is a little rushed so if you find yourself in trouble please say something and I'll make the needed update.


Elysian 1-10 Quick Start Guide:

Welcome to a quick start guide for the Elyos faction. In this guide we will briefly cover what you need to do in order to hit level 10, with as little confusion as possible.


Below is a reference map for determining positions and locations mentioned in the guide.


With the guide, I will identify points on the map with (Point 1-13) to mark its location.






1.0 - Starting Out


You will enter the world at the southern end of the Akarios Plains (denoted by a 1 on the map,) take a second to familiarize yourself with the skills you have. Next I recommend customizing the UI, press "O" to open the game options menu. The first two buttons should represent "Quit Game" and "Logout" respectively, click the third button which should be "Options." The option tabs are UI, Video, Sound, and Key Bindings resectively. I recommend familiarizing yourself with the UI options and what they do in order to spend the early game adjusting it to best fit your style of play. I also recommend avoiding changes to the key bindings or the video settings unless you begin having issues related to them.


With this done you should find an NPC with a blue arrow over his head standing just in front of you, speak with him to obtain your first quest! Your first quest is as simple as it gets, head just down the road to the North and speak to another NPC which now has a blue arrow over his head. Speak with him to complete your first quest and receive your second.


Your new quest will involve killing a few of the Kerubs that are found through out the area. Kill them and return to the NPC again to complete the quest and receive your next one. The new quest will be to collect sacks of grain from the nearby camps and can be done easily without killing anything as nothing aggros in this area. Return to the NPC with the grain once you have collected the necessary amount and he will send you further down the road to the north.


*Reminder: When on your way to the next location, to collect Angelica. It will build your skill level and will assist in later quests. To collect it, simply find the pink colored plant and right-click it. continue harvesting Angelica until your skill is level 10 and then harvest Angelica or Apples until you skill reaches 15. A later quest will ask you to harvest Ore which has a requirement of 15.


Heading down the road to North you will find another NPC with a blue arrow over his head (denoted by a 2 on the map,) speak to him and you will receive another quest. The quest will have you killing Grain Snufflers in the surrounding fields and collect their tails as proof, bring back the requested number of tails and the NPC will send you into town to make a delivery. If you aren't level 3 yet continue collecting Angelica until you reach level 3, it should only take a couple successful gathers by this point. Once you are level 3 continue down the road to the North-East and into Akarios Village.




1.1 - Akarios Village & Cliona Lake


Immediately upon arriving are Akarios Village your quest menu will appear declaring that you have received your first mission quest. Mission quests are quests that follow the storyline of the game and completion of them is required to access most of the instance content in the game. NPCs related to mission quests will have a yellow arrow over their heads instead of the blue arrow we've seen so far. Continue exploring the village being sure to speak with anyone that has an arrow over their head picking up all the quests they have to give.


The following is a checklist of things to make sure you get done before proceeding North out of the village.


   * Find the bind stone and Soul Healer first, they should be just left of where you entered the village. Speak with the Soul Healer to learn a little more about it and then bind to the stone next to her allowing you to easily return back to this location in the future.

   * Make sure to find your class trainer, the class they can offer training for will be designated under their name. Purchase all the skillbooks you can that do not appear red, find them in your inventory and right-click them to learn your new skills. You can then pull up your skill menu using K and drag the skills to your quick bars.

   * Find the Weapons and Armor dealers and check for upgrades that can be purchased, scrolling over items for sale will bring up the item you currently have equipped and color code the stats of your current armor showing red for lower and green for higher stats. You probably can't afford anything new yet but you'll know at what levels it is available and where to find it. You can also click the "Sell Misc" button to get rid of useless items in your inventory giving you extra Kinah and freeing up inventory space.




*Quest Tip: If you hit the letter J on your keyboard and select the quest your currently in progress of doing, you will notice there are NPC and MOB names highlighted in blue.


This simply means youre able to find more information out about this MOB or NPC. If you open the quest, and select the MOB needed to complete the objective, in most cases you can click the Locate button and it will mark an area on the map where the mob tends to patrol. Some mobs will not be locatable, but most can be found with a little searching.


At this point I'm going to stop explaining quests in detail and will just list them in each area as to make sure you don't miss any. There are a couple that are more difficult or confusing that I will go a little further into detail about but for the most part you'll be on your own with quests from here on out.


Heading out of the village to the North you'll want to visit 2 more NPCs to pick up quests, the first one is immediately outside town (designtated by a 3 on the map) and the other one farther North along the edge of the lake (designated by a 4 on the map.) The following is the list of quests that you will find in this area before proceeding on (in no specific order);


  1. Collecting Angelica - Collect Angelica in the area.

  2. The Kerub Threat - A 2 part Mission quest dealing with Karub in the area.

  3. Abandoned Goods - Collect wine , it can be found around the farms North-West of Cliona Lake.

  4. Uno's Ingredients - Collect Airon Meat from the birds at the lake.

  5. To Fish In Peace - Kill Brax and Slink around the lake.



With these quests completed you should have reached level 5 so stop and get you new skills, perhaps a new weapon or some armor as well before heading on to Daminu Forest. Now head down the road North-East of town picking up a couple quests along the way and you should have the following quests when you reach the narrow point occupied by a couple Everglade Sylphen.


  1. The Woodcutter's Lost Axe - This quest is started by an item that drops from the Brax usually on the Southern end of the Cliona Lake.

  2. A Book For Namus - Received from the guard at the North gate of town.

  3. Light Up The Night - Received from the NPC along the road North-East of town.

  4. Pernos' Robe - Acquired from the Armor seller in town.



After verifying you have all these quests you can proceed down the narrow path until you emerge into the Daminu Forest.


1.2 - Daminu Forest & Deforested Area


Just after emerging into Daminu Forest you will find 3 NPCs along the road, all of them will have quests. Turn in the quests you can and pick up the new ones. I recommend killing the Sparky necessary for the quest "Light Up The Night" and then heading back to the fisherman along Cliona Lake to turn in one of your newly received quests as well as "Light Up The Night" before getting to involved in the forest itself. With that the following are quests you should find in this area with additional information where necessary.


*Warning: As you near the Eastern border between the Damninu Forest and the Deforested Area keep a look out for mobs that are aggresive towards you. Up to this point you likely haven't encountered mobs that attack you, from the Deforested Area on aggressive mobs become much more common and can be viewed as red dots on your radar.


  1. Request Of The Elim - A multi-part mission quest dealing with Dukaki in the area.

  2. The Elim's Mysterious Message - Returns you to the fisherman near Cliona Lake and then to Akarios Village.

  3. The Nymph's Feathered Gown - Received from an item that drops off of Abex in the forest. NOTE: in prior betas and early versions of the client the gown is not lootable and the quest impossible to complete due to the book not triggering the quest properly.

  4. The Mushroom Thief - Kill Mepigus in the Area.



When you reach level 6 several more quests become available that you may not find until much later if you aren't aware they exist. Some are back at Akarios Village while some are at the Outpost in the Deforested Area (designated with a 6 on the map.) Be sure to pick these up these when you reach level 6 keeping in mind while you travel that you are now entering areas where aggresive mobs are much more common. You may find quests other then these listed, go ahead and pick them up but don't worry about them until we're finished with this area.


*Reminder: There is a flight point available between Akarios Village and the Outpost, proper use of the travel system and your ability to return to your binding location can save a lot of travel time.


  1. Mopping Up Zaif's - Received at the Outpost and requires you to kill Zaif in the area.

  2. A Taste Of Namus' Medicine - Received at the Western end of Daminu Forest and sends you to the Outpost.

  3. Polinia's Ointment - Received from Polinia at Akarios Village and send you to the Outpost.



Having finished the quests listed up to this point you should be level 7 meaning its time to return to Akarios Village for skills, armor, and quest(s) before continuing. While you are in Akarios Village make sure to visit the armor seller and upgrade any gear you can as well as getting the second half of the Pernos' Robe quest line. When finished fly to the Outpost.



1.3 - Kabarah Strip Mine


At the outpost make sure to turn in any old quests and pick up any new ones before you continue. Its a good idea to start here by completing the Delivering Pernos' Robe quest as its the last on that will to do in the Daminu Forest & Deforested Area. If you want the fang for turn in you can find the cave by following the creak South-East from the Outpost.


Having acquired any 1 of the items required to deliver with the robe you can head North down the road from the Outpost to find Pernos (designated by a 7 on the map.) Turn in the quest making sure to choose the option related to the item you acquired and then pick up any other quests he may offer. in the Kabarah Strip Mine located East of Pernos and North-East of the Outpost.


  1. Illegal Logging - The next mission quest dealing with Dukaki in the Strip Mine.

  2. Wheres Tutty - Find Pernos' lost pig, he is roasting at the first camp on the left if you enter the mine from Pernos' side.

  3. Avenging Tutty - Kill Dukaki responsible for raosting Tutty.

  4. Oz's Prayer Beads - Kill Sparky in the area.

  5. Ancient Cube - Find the cube at a small camp located just East of where Tutty is roasting along the Northern edge of the Strip Mine.

  6. Melponeh's Mushroom Research - Kill Fungi in the area.

  7. Neutralization - Another mission quest involving a cauldron within the Strip Mine.

  8. Tula's Music Box - Collect Iron Ore in the area, gathering level 15 requried. This quest eventually sends you down the Agaric Spore Road to the Timolia Mine.



*Reminder: At this point you likely have received at least 1 title, hit "P" to bring up your character menu and choose the 4th tab to show your titles. Select the most useful one for your class and make sure to always keep an eye out for new titles.


*Reminder: If you reach level 9 at any point from here on you will want to skip to the end of the guide and complete the Ascension Quest before continuing through the Poeta quests. Having achieved level 9 you cannot gain level 10 until completing the Ascension Quest which in itself give the full level of experience. So if this happens complete the Ascension Quest all the way through and then return to finish the quests in Poeta.


Having finished this set of quests, many of which chain into more quests there is only one area left to discover. Starting at Pernos' on the map and lead on by the Tula's Music Box quest head North-West to the next NPC (designated by a 8 on the map.)



1.4 - Agaric Spore Road & Timolia Mine


When you reach the NPC at the Western end of the Agoric Spore Road be sure to turn in the Tula's Music Box quest and obtain the new quests he offers. These quests will send you furhter West into the Timolia Mine itself, leaving the NPC headed that way you should have the following quests;


  1. Suspicious Ore - Collect Ore from crates within the Timolia Mine.

  2. Scouting the Timolia Mine - Collect Engine Parts from the inhabitants of the Timolia Mine.

  3. No Entry - The last of the mission quests in this area requiring you do deactivate the gate inside the Timolia Mine.



With these quests complete you should have done everything there is to do within Poeta except Ascension!



1.5 - The Ascension Quest


The Ascension Quest begins and ends at Pernos' (designated by a 7 on the map.) The quest will require you to visit Cliona Lake and the large tree centrally located within Daminu Forest. I've designated both these location on the map using the red number 9 and 10 respectively. The easiest way to complete this stage of the quest is to speak with Pernos to obtain it, then use your return to go back to Akarios Village and then walk all the way back to Pernos stopping at the quest objectives along the way.


When you eventually return to Pernos he is going to send you into the abyss where you will undergo a brief but simple fight. Following the fight is the best cut scene up to this point in the game, enjoy it and choose your class wisely afterwards. Pernos then ports you back to Poeta and will offer to send you to Sanctum, accept his offer and complete the quest upon your arrival. If you haven't finished all the quests in Poeta you'll want to return and make sure you have at least completed the mission quests or you may find yourself returning in the future just to do so when it much less beneficial.




You have now reached level 10, ascended, and can begin flying your way through the remainder of Atreia.

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