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Novi's Fully Automated Player - Aion Bot


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There is this pretty good bot out there that simulates the keystrokes or something of your keyboard




still in beta:


What's coming in the near future in the beta


   * Full waypoints

   * Configurable keybinds

   * Corpse retrieval

   * Handling Whispers



What will be in the final release


   * Bot while Aion is minimized

   * Timer for bot, based on level or hours + minutes (when to stop botting and exit!)

   * Running more than one bot on the same computer (one for each instance of Aion)

   * Many added security features to prevent any possible bans!  (This is the most important)



* i don't take any credit for the stuff, it's all Novi's


the latest update he posted said this




Added Features


    * New waypoint system implemented


          o Create waypoint files


          o Open waypoint files


          o Manually add waypoints, or use the automatic feature to add a new waypoint every 5 meters


          o New "Waypoints" section on the forums; share yours!


          o Three types of waypoint sets



                + Loop - Bot starts from the first waypoint to the last, then back to the first (loops!)



                + Reverse - Bot starts from the first to the last, then from the last to the first



                + Do Not Repeat - Once the bot hits the last waypoint, it stops moving.  Note, however, that the bot does NOT shut down and will continue to defend itself.  This may change.



Bug fixes


    * Fixed bug that was causing the bot to attack extra mobs after being stuck

    * Fxied XP/hour values getting out of hand

    * Fxied many potential crash issues

    * Many more that you'll likely never notice Smiley



Bug fixes that didn't make this release


    * Windows XP x64 "Cannot find Game.dll" error.

    * Potions not always going off when they should

    * I'm sure there are a few more...



Upcoming Updates


    * Delete waypoints

    * Corpse retrieval waypoints

    * Settings interface, including keybinds

    * Update attack buttons (chain skills)

    * Set timer per buff

    * Bot timer

    * Bot while Aion is minimized

    * Security updates

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