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[Interlude L2J] Lineage II Zinc


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Website : www.lineage2zinc.com




Rate XP: 500


Rate SP: 500


Rate XP Party: 5x


Rate SP Party: 5x


Rate Drop Adena: 100


Rate Drop Items: 1x


Rate Drop Quest: 10x




Normal Enchant: 75% Weapon * 80% Armor


Blessed Enchant: 100% Weapon * 100% Armor


Crystal Enchant: 100% Weapon * 100% Armor


Enchant Max. Weapon: +20


Enchant Max. Armor: +12


Safe Enchant: +5




If you are Hero 3 Count your Hero Skills will remain on subclass


Only Custom Armor


Custom Farm and Level Zone


Custom Npc


Buffs 2 Hours


New Commands: .online .cl .stat .pmoff .tradeoff .info .away .back .deposit .withdraw


TvT Event every hour


Custom PvP & PK color system


At 250 PvP name is Light Blue & at 500 PvP name is Dark Blue


At 250 Pk title is Pink & at 500 Pk title is Red


Run speed +65 more


Only Scheme Buffer


Nobless in shop


Custom Raid Bosses


26 Buffs Slots + 4 with Divine


At scheme buffer 26 Slots buffs


Full Geodata & PathNode









Level and Adena Zone : Argos Tunnel


Custom spawn Newbie : Argos Tunnel


Custom Farm Zones :


Elven Ruins ( Fire Mantra )


Imperial Tomb ( Fire Mantra )


Ketra Orc Outpost ( Wind Mantra )


Dragon Valey Caves ( Wind Mantra )


Varka Silenos Outpost ( Water Mantra )


Forbiden Getaway (Water Mantra )


Custom Boss :


Ketra's Hero Hekaton


Varka's Hero Shadith


Sailren ( Imperial Tomb Deep Inside )


Custom Armor : Zinc Armor ( Not Over-Power Stats )


Parts of armor drop from Custom Boss


Base town is Giran


Some castle have monster inside with little good drop of mantra


Castle are : Giran ; Aden ; Rune ; Goddard ; Schutgard


Team vs Team event every hour


TvT prize : 4 GoldBars ; 100 Water/Fire/Wind Mantra ; 1 Crystal Enchant Weapon S Grade




in a few days i will change the website..... ;) ;) ;)

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yes :P..and soryyy.... but i am new on this forum..sry for double post

... U still didnt answer me :[ ...


Im dling patch btw at rapidshare limit reached ... >_<

Upload it again

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I checked srv and its like omg lol ... 1 monster killing with 20+ hits (mage sh + ap + dye) drop ONLY 2 ! :O

There need mantras (30 all mantras for 1 EWS) ... And also SA for weapon 100 all type mantras ...

Im done i leave it. Bye

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if u read the announcements u will see AQ drop more mantra like 700-900(fire,water,wind) and with Sorcer you will kill in 5 min

Omg i dont like it this way to get mantra suck pff if that drop lot ppl only go AQ and never farm lol ...

u must make monster 2-3 hits or HIGHER drop ... pff

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