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[Guide][Add any sound to msn action]


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Hey there, i took this idea from this scene of movie euro trip:




How to do this? its very simple!


1) Download this file Click ME


2) Go to options on msn / sounds / new mail msg and add the wma we just downloaded


3) Ta da, every time you get a mail by some one you will hear those beautiful words xD


Btw you can add any sounds you want to all actions.


Hope you like this mini guide xP

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lool, nothing new if you ever had a look in options, but gj ^^


Belive me when i say after using msn for 4 years this is the 1st time i saw that xP

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Aha I have seen this in the past and changed it to some alien voice or something like it , it was disturbing after a few minutes all that noise when the people logged in. Anyway nice that you posted that here.

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