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[Tutorial] Batch tutorial + How to make a virus in batch


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Batch Tutorial + How to make a virus in batch


Batch Tutorial



First you must open notepad

Then write in it: "@echo off" (this will hide C:\Users\username>)

Then select a title when you open the batch file you must write: title [and the title you want]

Then select color for the letters and the background.. write: color The colors are:


Background colors:

0 = black
1 = blue
2 = green
3 = blue of sea :P
4 = red
5 = purple 
6 = yellow
7 = white 


Letter Colors:

8 = gray
9 = light blue
a = light green
b = light .. blue of sea :P xD i don't know how to tell it in greek it's θαλασσί :P
c = light red
d = light purple
e = light yellow
f = white 


For example if you want to write words with yellow background and red words you must type: color 6c [ i prefer color 0a its my favourite :P)


To write something in the batch box you must write "echo" first for example: echo MaxCheaters

if you save it in a bat file it will show you a window that writes inside MaxCheaters and b4 you read it it will close so you must type

"pause" then it will show you these:

Press any key to continue... 

To avoid this (Press any key to continue) write a ">nul" after pause.. so it will be "pause>nul" then you must press a key to continue..


Another batch command is "cls" it clears the screen of the batch window (it deletes the words) for example there is a batch file code:

@echo off
color 0a
title Batch File
echo Hello MaxCheaters!

Then save it as .bat then open it.. a black window with green letters will apear that saying Hello MaxCheaters! then when you press any key the "Hello MaxCheaters!" will dissapear..


To make a batch file that you will chose what the batch file do, these are the codes:


set /p option= What site do you want to open? maxcheaters or google?
if '%option%'=='maxcheaters' goto :maxcheaters
if '%option%'=='google' goto :google

start www.maxcheaters.com

start www.google.com 


If you write in the batch file maxcheaters, the maxcheaters site will open..

If you write google, the google site will open..


Other Batch Commands:

del = delete for example "del *.*" it will delete all files with all extensions!

copy = copy a file

exit = exit the batch file

time = shows you the time :P


I have finished with the batch tutorial if i had any mistake tell it to me to edit the topic ;)

Now you have learned how to make a batch file .. Read how to make a virus xD -->




How to make viruses:



First you need to download a virus maker from here http://www.mediafire.com/?hlzmmyy5z1z

its not mine .. this program made by a user named  DELmE (in hackforums)

This program will show you the batch codes when you press a button for example there is a button that says "Delete Music" when you press it, it shows you the code in the left side of the program.. then you can save it as .bat or .txt (if you save it as .bat it will work when you double click to it.. so i recommend you to save it first to .txt and then when you want to send it rename it to .bat (for your protection ;) ) .. Here are some ss for this program:








Edit: If you want to convert it to exe and put an icon download Bat_To_Exe_Converter --- Link >



Don't be afraid to download Batch Virus Maker! it's clean some antiviruses shows it as a virus but it isn't!


Thanks For Reading :-*

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strange.. when you open the program it shows you the user agreement then you must press ok and the program opens..i dont know why it says that it can't find the script.. i can't help you sorry :S

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