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Klimera pedia exw ena provlima kai xriazome mia lisi. thelo 2 pragmata. exo Archid Pack


1. thelo na kanw tin olympiada na vgenune i hero kathe 15 meres mpori na kapios na mu pi poso time vazo ke pos to kanw akrivos?



2. exo ena provlima me ta pk exo vali orismena mob na min dinune xp/sp ke otan exis pk ke ta skotonis fevgi to karma pos mporo na to ftiaksw afto? episis otan exune pk ke tous skotonune den peftune items mporo na to diorthoso na peftune efkola items?


parakalw an kserete doste mou mia apandisi. efxaristw

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efxaristw file alla den vrika akri exo psaxi poli ke dnemporo na vro tpt

emena mu exi etsi. ksanaleo exo archid pack



# Olympiad config


# Olympiad Start Time in Military hours Default 6pm (18)

AltOlyStartTime = 18


# Olympiad Start Time for Min's, Default 00 so at the start of the hour.

AltOlyMin = 00


# Olympiad Compeition Period, Default 6 hours.

# (If set different, should be increment by 10mins)

AltOlyCPeriod = 21600000


# Olympiad Battle Period, Default 6 minutes. (If set different, should be < AltOlyBWait)

AltOlyBattle = 360000


# Olympiad Battle Wait, Default 10 Minutes

AltOlyBWait = 600000


# Olympiad Inital Wait Period, Default 5 minutes

AltOlyIWait = 300000


# Olympiad Weekly Period, Default 1 week

AltOlyWPeriod = 604800000


# Olympiad Validation Period, Default 24 Hours.

AltOlyVPeriod = 86400000



kai afto edo se ena alo egrafo pou legete olumpiad

#Olympiad Properties

#Fri Jul 31 00:00:10 EEST 2009








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1. Gia tin olympiada kathe 15 meres: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=47248.0


2. Psakse ta config... kalytera gia to karma.


Vlepis ti s leo gia tin olympida?




Des sto syngekrimeno link p s dino.....


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