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Problem trying to connect to my server with Router..



Hi all, i was with my server up without problem this days but yesterday my bro buy a other PCP so now i m using a Router "ENCORE ENHI-G3".


The method what i was isin brfore buy the ROUTER for connect to my server and the ppl was:


1- I use NO-IP, Edit the l2.ini and put the direction in LOGIN AND SERVER:






With this method i always put up the server without problems, i can Join and my friends to, no need modify host why the ini is modify obviusly. But now with the -beep-ing Router the ini not work i mean the only way for i can Join in the server is changing ServerAddr=l2warmachine.no-ip.biz to ServerAddr= and offcorse my friends or any other ppl can't join -.-


I don't undersand too much about Routers is the first time i have one i was learning some i put my screens (i have a MODEM ADSL "Ethernet" and this go conected to the Router and the Router give inet for every PC):








I think in open the ports but in the image seem to be desactivated the firewall..




Edit: Problem Fixed! (was needed open the ports).


PD: Specials thx to "CopyLeft".


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