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[Tutorial] Create your own Pes2008 Tracklist


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First of all u need these programs [or other programs that have the same functions]


- Mp3\Wma to WAV Coverter


- DKZ studio 0.92 [tool  WAV-->ADX converter]


- AFS Explorer 3.7


- Hex Workshop 4.2 [if u want to 'Hex edit song names]




Mp3\Wma to WAV Conversion


This is the first step.


Select the songs u want to insert in your tracklist and convert them into WAV with a Mp3\Wma to WAV Converter. Create a new folder [anyware in your HD] rename it  "WAV" and save all WAV just converted in this folder.


Ex: I used  "Mp3 to Wav Decoder"




Convert WAV in ADX


First of all create [anyware in your HD] a new folder, rename it "ADX" in which we're gonna to convert our WAVs.


After folder creation, open Dkz 0.92 and select the this tool




Set the config window this way [with "source" and "target" folder u have hust created]




Now u can use this tracklist thnx to me and stiloso]



69 Credits Music

70 Bongo wango

71 Scream

72 Long Time Odissey

73 Hit Go to the goal

74 Go to the Goal

75 Use your head

76 kick it

77 Eyes on You

78 That Dream

79 Football

80 Chase me

81 Champion of the World

82 E a Hora

83 Dream team

84 One voice

85 futebol soccer goal

86 enjoy yourself

87 up for winning

88 hit em harder

89 Uni corn

90 eyes crossed

91 Rock the sweeper

92 for season

93 Thru passion

94 kontrol

95 R.E.D

96 rotation

97 reaktronika division

98 let's get crazy

99 beautiful people

100 nu romantic striker

101 kicking heavy jam

102 Missin you

103 no loookinkg back

104 winning anthem

105 Like in the bar

106 Bangin' Beats up

107 Phunkadelic Fantasy

108 Neuro 120

109 Protocontrol

110 Ambigous Tea

111 Zero 2 one

112 22 Heroes

113 Rest And Strain

114 Winning Anthem original

115 Back in the 2000]

116 Shake Down

117 Spiral 2005

118 Existence

119 Prophet Anthem

120 The final Victory

121 Finalists

122 1000 Crystals

123 Enter The Field '06

124 Crown And Hope

125 Thriumphal Wind

126 You Show

127 Winning Finale

128 Tune For Winners

129 ????

130 ????

131 ????

132 On Lin Music

133 Settaggi Formazione



to rename the ADXs just created in order to replace the songs u prefer [SUGGESTION: try to replace the songs with the same Title Lenght : this will help u in the following hex editing step:)].


Ex: if u want to replace the song called Prophet Anthem u have to rename the unnamed_119.adx


This will be the result







Importing  Adx in cs.img: ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR CS.img!!!


Start AFS Explorer and go to menu FILE - IMPORT AFS File, in the dialog window go to last combo box and select ALL FILES






Go to "Action" ---> "Import Folder" and choose the folder[ "ADX"] with the renamed  unnamed_files




Say yes to this dialog window




and this at the end of the process.




Answer Yes to questions when asked and save the "cs" as "cs1.afs",wait for end of rebulding and answer Yes to the next questions and the file will reloaded.


Close AFS Explorer and remove your old "cs.img" and rename the new "cs1.afs" in "cs.img"




Start Hex Workshop 4.2  and open your pes2008.exe.




Press[ Ctrl+F] and set the config window this way




To find in Pes2008.exe where tracklist are placed, write the first words of the orignal song name [ pay attention to caps]


[Ex: Bongo]




Click on the right side of the window and we'll see that Hex Workshop underlines in yellow the Text String we searched.


Point the mouse cursor on the first letter and simply start writing our song name we've replaced.


[Ex: Bongo Wango in My Friend of Misery]




Our title track is longer than the original one,soit doesn't completly fill in


and we can't insert a song title longer than the original one/b] [equals to a bytes addition and we can't do this why after that the pes2008 doesn't work].


However we can use the hex spaces assigned to the  "genre", but in game we'll see the whole song name and in the "genre"field the letters we have placed in its space. [like in the screens of my patch]

If remains some "genre" letters the ones underlined in red]  we can delete them using spacebar [DON'T WRITE THE LAST POINT THAT DELIMIT GENRE otherwise we're gonna to write in the next song spaces and this is a really mess




Replace all song title like this, save Pes2008.exe and enjoy it.


I hope to be useful




Credits to Ru86

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