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[WTT/S] L2 osiris @ 25x (Epic Jwrls inside)

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WTT on that server for any other server item/ account.

just say the server link + what you got.

[update] Or 100€ for EVERYTHING! really cheap hun?


Item List:


Note: all rec's rates are 1x, so since DC and tallum gloves recs are by full drop, the rec is pain in the ass, and the DC gloves are tradeable for anything in game atm.


-1x DC robe set +3/+4

-1x Spiritual eye +acumen +3

-1x Tallum robe set

-1x Tallum heavy set

-1x DC boots(sealed) + robe (unseal) + helmet (unsealed)

-1x Tallum blade

-1x Wizar tears +acumen +4

-1x Bow of peril + Quick Recovery +7

-1x Ant queen Ring +3

-5x Lunargents

-600x moostone shards

-4x Bogs

-1x Mj ring





- (Fates wishper + mimir elixir done!) Spoiler 76 / Necro lvl 70.

- (Fates wishper + mimir elixir done!) Swordsinger lvl 78 (3rd job) /Necro lvl 60

- Prophet lvl 78

- (Fates wishper + mimir elixir done!) Elven elder lvl 79 (3rd job done)

- Crafter lvl 61 (with all crafting recipes registered + A grade sets (DC's, tallums, SB's, miracle's, etc)




-Golden Chamber. (Aden Clan Hall)




I trade this for Item and/or characters in other servers. low/mid rate servers until 100x.


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