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[Share] 100% Echant!


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Hello all well i find this bug long time ago but i search here and i dont found nothing so here we go.


This is simple just Buy the wp what u want echant,and echants,now go to some Wh.

# 1.in ur bar skills put in F1 or F2 the echant.or where u want its just one example.

# 2.Open the "Deposit option" and deposit the wep (dont equip the wep)

# 3.Press F2 and in that moment the echant inventori will come,so u have the echant inv open and the deposit window open too.

# 4.Now just confirm the Deposit wh ,and fast pres "Ok" in the echant select,its %100 the safe.


That is all,im not sure if this is alerdy shared but aniway if alerdy shared i will junk this.

I Test on two servers L2 Team Dream,L2 Sonetu and work fine but after 6 echants or more i got Ban! so i recomend u make this with some useless char.



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