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change stats!


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Ok.SO I've changed the stats of the weapons I've made such as p.atk and m.atk

And Even though they work ingame ( imean the weapons are stronger than before)

In the item description the stats shown are the stats the weapons had before the modification!

For instance:


I killed a monster with 3-4 hits

Changed p.atk from sql and xml file....

then I killed the same monster with  1 hit.

But when I click on the weapon to see it's description the stats are the same as before.

And yes I've tried it alot of times, it wasn't a critical hit that killed the mob.

So here's my question:

"How can I change the stats shown in the item description?"

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I can't find the line for stats!

you want my msn so u can show me??



I don't thing that itemname-e.dat is involved...

look at a line:


6592 Angel Slayer Haste a,<Soul Crystal Enhancement>\\n Increases Atk. Spd. by about 7%. Increases damage inflicted during PvP.\0 -1 0 0 a, 0 0 a, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a, 1


there's nothing to change for stats!

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