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L2extreme is back

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I tried to create a bot for this but when I try with IG version and i Press Home button nothing appear, i use 1.79 version and with ogg version i get link login server succed and then login loginserver timeout!

Who can help me?? Website: l2extreme.us is Interlude Ip: port 7777 protocol version i dont know i tried 746 but doesnt works

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I think you mean that about using hellbound walker. Look, I've tryed almost every L2w available version, and got nothing, 1.78 doesn't load, and the others fail to verify. 2.05 could verify, but I can't see my skills or items, Map isn't working, my character info isn't working too. I'd like to know what walker version are you using, and what verify server (I use l2asrv 0.51) and if you could upload it to rapidshare and share it here I'd be very thankfull.

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I said I posted a LEAD not the solution I told you hellbound walker works to a certian limit, it is all messed up tho, with that I meant exacly what you said lol I was just too lazy to write all that


someone needs to figure out how to use Interlude walker Database on HB walker

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