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[Share]Some good weapons,armors etc

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That's all from RAGEZONE


Promise Set (c5) (bonus set UNKNOWN, no info !!!) PICS

Some Sa Weapons

New Titanium Set (c5) (fixed icon)

Custom Dyes

Dusk, Tomb, Temple Weapon (fixed dusk sword, wrong glow)

Link Sword and Shield

Apella Set (c5) (fixed icon)

Black Full Mask (c5)

World Cup Full Mask (c5)


Purple Armor

Golden Armor

Gym Suits

Chistmas Suits

Casual Suits

Sword of Omens

Party Masks

Dual Daggers

Full Mask

Santa Cap

Platinum Set

Tuxedo Mask

Ninja Set

God Set

God Shield

C3 God's Blade


server side,client side:http://forum.ragezone.com/attachments/f327/38805d1175410542-share-all-my-sources-myfiles.rar


textures(the real link was deleted so i found another one that has the textures we want :p)




thnx chachina and ragezone :O

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Guest MaxBastards

nice share m8 tnx ! i have a lot of files about l2 java :P some more now :)

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nice thx will check this out for sure

thx for the share will check this out


you prolly forgot you replied again. Or yet you are just a spammer

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