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[Share]OutFitter! 3.1.2


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1. Installation

-> Download and install the latest Microsoft .NET Framework.

-> Download OutFitter and extract all files to the same folder, make sure the following files are present:

BlackMagic.dll, fasm_managed.dll and FASM.dll and ofcourse the executable file.

-> Execute the OutFitter.exe in administration mode when on Vista.


Download link:

RapidShare: RapidShare: http://rapidshare.com/files/237210230/Outfitter64.zip.zip

Version for 64 and 32 bit alike (use this version if possible) : http://rapidshare.com/files/237210230/Outfitter64.zip.zip


2. What does it do?!

This is an application to manage the cosmectic element of your character ingame, you can lookup gearitems from the wowhead database and then "equip" that item. You are also able to copy another characters gear by targetting them.


All of these cosmetic elements are clientside and only affect YOUR model, so unlike traditional model swaps using .m2 files or abusing crazy hex values you are the only one with the modded item. Downside is that it gets removed on logout.


3. How do I do it?!

If you start the application for the first time you'll see an empty gearset. To fill the slots with your characters gear: Click "Import from player" otherwise, to fill the slots with your targets gear: Click "Import from target". From here on you can customise that gearset by searching for new items in the search box. Once you found an item you'd wish to import in the current collection: CLICK the header of that slot. To finalize your gearset and see changes ingame, click "Update gear!" (See picture guide below)


4. I'm paranoid, is this detectable?!

As so many hacks/tools this is indeed detectable, but that does not mean it is currently detected! It uses INJECTION OMG (seriously, why is this community so shitscared of that word) to call UpdateModel/Armor and GetObjectByGUID.

Current Status: UNDETECTED




6. Known issues and ToDo list

First and foremost, I still have no reliable way to call wow's ingame functions out of process without a small chance of crashing, Because of this reason, it's UNVIABLE for use during arena matches!



- Implement WoW armory support (The main router in this building blocks wowarmory (nerf) so I cannot test or start on this yet)

- Implement Saving a customised gearset for later use

- Implement a way to load predefined gearsets (such as 8/8 bloodfang) but I have no idea how to parse these from wowhead... Does anyone have a database of these available?



1. Log into the game and start up OutFitter

2. Click the "From Player" button in the "Import gear" groupbox, depending on your current gear you'll get something like this if everything went right:


3. Now enter "thunderfury" in the search box and click search. Wowhead will return the correct item, no need to get the exact name!


4. Now click on the Mainhand and Offhand headers, it will automatically enter the item in that slot. Also check "Mongoose" in the dropdownbox for both weapons.


5. Click Update Gear! and enjoy your new looks

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