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[Guide]HomeMade CrossHair For Awp(+pics)

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And you believed that you've seen everything....hahah

Check This Out.Most of you want to kill without zoom the so called azoom.but do not know how without cheating with crosshair hacks and b**lshit..Read My guide and become a true Hitman with azoom xD


1)Buy A Chewing Gum.(yes this sticky material that you chew and it has different flavours.)

2)Chew It then take it out and open cs.

3)Buy A Gun


4)Then Where The Put The Gum where the normal crosshair is(mine is kinda cr@ppy here :P)

width=640 height=480http://imageshack.gr/files/9bkgakclh5ucf23k5b4v.jpg[/img]

5)Buy Your Awp.Change To Awp And Enjoy Your Azoom Kills :)

width=640 height=480http://imageshack.gr/files/fnhc71gn1g6pywe17xgr.jpg[/img]

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lol i had my doubts but after tring i must say hella funny and orig. well done however does any one know of any other way 2 actually get a crosshair for your awp? other then overlays :-?

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I've know this trick one friend tell me about this crazy trick,when a cs player hears this trick..him beggin to tell you are crazy,nope you don't only the trick is  ;D

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