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L2TN (temptation-network.com) recruting staff members.



Dear Maxcheaters community members,


After the successful transit to live stage we are now in the process of populating our staff. As such, we are looking for suitable candidates that would be interested in taking place at the following positions:


a) Game masters

Your job would be to manage the population using the rules we've set in place as guidelines, entertain the community by making events and advertising the server in any way possible.


Prerequirements are:

- Must speak fluent english (proper vocabulary - spelling, using correct times, sentences that make sence...)

- Must behave maturely (you get one chance and one chance only).

- Must be polite at all times (being a staff member means you'll be representing all of it's members. Your actions reflect upon the image of the entire staff);

- To have the time to be an ACTIVE staff member (daily activity);

- Being capable of working in a team, taking orders, listening to your superior and in general communicate with people and the rest of the staff;

- A microphone to talk on ventrilo (occasionally).

- Age of 18 or over. (No we are not racist bastards. We have our reasons for asking so).




b) DJ'S!

We're running a radio station with four streams. Two will be dedicated purely to music (and requests). Two will be used to report on the ingame activity (sieges/pvp's/epic raids..) while occasionally also accepting requests.


Prerequirements are:

- Must speak fluent english (proper vocabulary - spelling, using correct times, sentences that make sense...)

- must behave maturely (you get one chance and one chance only. Any kind of flaming/arguing/insulting will result in your position being removed).

- must be polite at all times (you will be part of the L2TN staff after all).

- MUST know what the heck you're doing. Playing music randomly does NOT mean you are a DJ. Past experience is strongly suggested. Communicating to your listeners is a MUST (any script can play random songs, people are those that can talk to players and understand their needs).


c) Website designers and developers.

You would have the access to individual parts of the website (the code that you would be asked to alter).


Requirements are:

- Knowledge of photoshop

- Knowledge of php

- Knowledge of html

- Optional knowledge of flash


d) In addition, we are also searching for a developer or two that would work on the gameserver


- knowledge of python/jython

- java knowledge

You would mostly be working on the scripts (quests, events and such).


Send an email to staff(nospam)temptation-network.com (replace (nospam) with @) if:


-You are still interested, fit the listed requirements and are willing to work with us.

Send an extensive application providing as much details as possible. The more professionalism your application will contain, the greater the chances are you will be selected.


-Need additional information/clarification related to things mentioned in this topic.


It is suggested that you take a look around our website (L2-Temptation - temptation-network.com and test the server before you apply so you can get familiar with the staff/server structure.


No wannabe applications! We are looking for SERIOUS, dedicated people that would be interested in long term partnership. If you can't handle that then don't apply.


Regards, L2-Temptation staff.

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