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[Gracia FINAL L2J] L2Echo 12.5x


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L2Echo - http://l2echo.com/




XP/SP - 12.5x

Adena - 20x



About the server:

Most importantly, there will NEVER be a donation item that will give a player armor, adena, weapons, enchants or anything directly pvp related.


Most level 81 skills ARE working. And they're not the standard stuff you find floating around the web either. All of these were researched by myself and a small group of people looking to get them as retail-like as possible.


And for anyone worried about "GM Corruption", the staff has, and always will have VERY limited privileges. Their jobs are to manage events and answer petitions, meaning they'll NEVER be able to enchant player's gear, create items, kill mobs, or even tank for players.




Safe enchant limit - Retail like limits.

Normal scrolls - 66% success.

Blessed scrolls - 75% success.

Max enchant for weapon/armor/jewels - no enchant maximum



General Changes:

There is just ONE NPC that handles most functions including teleport, warehouse, gm shop, dyes, augmenting, buffs, subclassing, vip area, etc.

NO custom weapons or armors.

Death Penalty Debuff - Disabled.

Buff Limit - 20+4 (Divine Inspiration) and 12 Songs/Dances.

Chances of getting an augment skill with different levels of stones has been increased slightly.

30 second spawn protection.

1st and 2nd class changes must be quested for, but third class changes are free and done through an NPC in Giran instantly.


Item Changes:

Augmented items can now be freighted to characters on the same account.

Mana potions added.



Skill Changes:

Many level 81 skills now added! Working on getting them as close to retail as possible with the current information I can find on them.


Though every day I'm adding or fixing skills as I get more information from retail sources on them.



PvP/PK Changes:

PK'ers will not be able to use potions (CP/HP/MP).

While flagged for pvp, teleporting using an NPC will be unavailable outside of town.



Subclass Changes:

5 subclasses instead of 3 are allowed.

Overlord is now available as a subclass.

Max level for subclasses is 85.



Clan Related:

10 rep points are gained instead of 1 each time you kill an enemy clan member during clan war.

Clan leaders may now earn reputation for their clans by killing raid bosses (no quest involved). 250 points are automatically given each time a clan leader does so.



Voice Commands:

Type .help in game to get the current list of all available commands.


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Awesome server! It was really fun as high rate, and with the low rate even better! Can't wait for Gracia Final support!! :D




Glad you're having fun. :)


Been working on some events and hopefully will have them finished this week for players. ;)

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How many online? and server good? have any incident? lag? many crush?


The online count fluxuates a bit. Low numbers are in the mid 20's, weekend numbers are currently in the 75 range. I expect the player base to get a lot larger once gracia final support is complete. Right now there's a lot of failed logins from gracia final clients, so those people aren't able to connect as of yet.


As far as crashes and lag, nada. The server is custom built by me. Dedicated dual core E5200 running at 3Ghz with 8Gb of ram and Win2k3. Nightly backups of the server files and of the database itself are automated and done to a remote storage device.


The handful of players who have had lag (and I do mean a handful, there have been very few), I've worked with them doing traceroutes and whatnot and always found that the reason they lagged was because of network problems on their end (typically they or someone on their network was torrenting or whatnot so their connection limits would spike and lag them out).

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  • 2 weeks later...

i will try this server and i will call some friends :P


Hah, thanks. Hope you enjoy it. I've been getting some events prep'ed so hopefully I can get all of those in this week. :) Have fun! And if you or anyone has suggestions, I'm always listening.

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When they did the whipe from High rate to go to low rate i was like ughhhh...kinda didnt wanna give up my power and all. But then I started playing and got rehooked on it! The farming kinda helps makes up for the dull times (like from 1am to 9am in the morning central time) After farming your ass off you will find yourself having to interact with other players or doing quests in order to gain  gear etc, its like a real L2 experience not like those other priv servers where within a weeks time youve done it all. And now the Admin is trying to setup a Race War base scenerio that will add to the PVP and RPing portion of the game! Total Pwnage!


Truly if you are thinking you are growing tired of playing L2 or just need a change of pace try this server! It will rekindle your love and desire for Lineage! I GARUNTEE IT! 

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I appreciate all the kind words from you guys. As most know (especially from the changelogs ;) ), I work on things daily in order to fix bugs and make everything even more fun.


Just recently we've added the latest L2Day event direct from retail. Hellbound is open (minus the lengthy questing needed to get in) and being worked on daily as I gather more and more info on the area to make it actually a fun experience instead of the weak custom stuff you find on other servers.


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i just want to say that everyone should play here!!! there's been LOTS of new people joining every day and the gms are really helpful. they helped me fix my game when it wasn't even a server probelm but a problem with my computer. :D :D :D


everyone join!!!!!!!!!!!

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