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Hello,to change the color and text messages in L2 must use a program called LineageUtils


- I Download the version 1.4 for C4 ,but u can download for other chroniques

[ Download ]


# First of all, make a backup of the file systemmsg-e.dat , and if you will, the entire folder system. is always recommended ..


# Install it, open it and setup should be well


Not stop the Sniff,only put False and done.


- When it is configured, and I see this window, click the button indicated give

Leave all messages in the game, there are a total of about 1600


# Choose a message and the right side you can edit the text and color

# If you give the button of the three points and they leave a window to choose the color



# To search for messages, give the button on the magnifying glass and write the message text

# For example, if the message is "that person hit you for X damage" can "hit you for"

give ok and looking at the list, the message (shown selected)


[ After modifying all the messages you want, just give the save icon, waiting a few seconds to complete the save, and is now ready ]




Credits: SeeYa*

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