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[Tutorial] Making your Sig. Dreamy & Smooth


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Well, in this tutorial you will learn some effects and tricks to make your signature look dreamy and smooth. :)

Lets take this picture for example :






First, Start off by creating a canvas of your preferred size, I chose 400 X 135.


Now for a little depth add a Radial Gradient copyof1v.png from left to right and set it to soft light at 40% Opacity.




For this next part, add some abstract brushes all around the signature at normal 60% opacity and 80% fill. Something like this:





Now grab the Rectangle tool copyof1z.png and at the bottom make a crazy shape that covers the whole width of the signature, then go to Edit/Fill and fill it with the checker pattern at the default settings. Set the layer to Overlay.





Now lets add a flow c4d , and set it to screen at 25% opacity - 100% whatever looks best in your opinion.





Grab some splatter brushes and splatter white or black or both around the focus point of the signature set those to soft light at around 40% opacity.





Draw something around the focal point or face your signature, I chose a heart, and make it distorted and curved by filters or anything to make it look nice , I chose a heart at soft light.





I wil now use some gradients maps and photo filters to make the image the same color of the stock.





So after I added them it should look similar to this:





Its time for the lighting. Grab the pixel soft brush and brush white all around part of your focal point and set it to normal at 77% opacity.




For more depth. I will take out my splatter brushes from brush white and black all over the sig with them expect the focal point. I then set mine to soft light at 50% opacity and 50% fill.





I will do something with the Pen tool 19377173.png like this very easy and darken it and will draw 2 black rectangles and set them to normal at 20% opacity and 40% fill.





Now for smudging grab the 36 pixel chalk brush. I used the following settings:





Create a New Layer and go to Image > Apply Image and smudge the left and right side of the focal point really well

then set this layer to hard light at 30% opacity and 40% fill.




You can now add the text of your choice and you're pretty much done with this tutorial!! ;)





Credits :


  • rnel.net
  • Me (for adding the button images + the pics with the instructions, just to make the guide simpler)


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