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[Share] L2 Dot rev 328 Balansed Skills +1 Hour Buff Time

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Hi !

I Thing Many People Dont Know How To Balance The Classes.Cuz It Have Many OverPowered Chars By Defalt...

Example: The Necromancer/SpellSinger/TreasureHunter ...

So I Reconfig 70% Of The Skills on L2Dot Pack rev 328 [interlude]


http://www.4shared.com/file/97814504/d4e59da8/L2_Dot_328_skills.html <--- Download It There !

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tell me, what skills did u "balance" if you can please :)


Yeap , it would be great if you give us more interesting infos about your balancing

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Omg mine old account :D

I was realy lame when i used it maybe thats why its banned ...

anyone tested??? i really need balance classes but don't have time for testing it...:(

The link is deleted and the date is April 10, 2009 so please some one lock the topic :D

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