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[Exploit]TvT stay in town and do what you want! (Eg. Buff youself)


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I remember I posted another TvT exploit to stay in town. This time I discovered new one today morning :) So here we go:


1.Register on TvT


2.(In most of servers TvT event npc is in Giran) Go to the entrance of WareHouse to the Broadcasting Tower



3.Press "Coliseum" and then centre/left/right (doesnt metter which one of those 3) then w8 until you get teleported to TvT.


4.Now you get to choose:

  a)Don't do anything until TvT ends, when it ends just press "Return" button. Best way.

  b)After you teleported to TvT event press "Return" button at the top of the screen.

If you choose a) GM can teleport to you but he will teleport to coliseum because you are there as "spectator" and he cannot see that. Also you can say you are bugged and you cannot move. (He also can't see that xD) And you can prove that you are there just by saying something in chat.


If you choose b) GM will teleport to you and he will see that you are blue or red and you are not in coliseum, that can really cause BAN or JAIL. Also players will see you and they can report to GM.


If you choosed b) but you changed your mind and you want to join your team in coliseum, then go to the NORTH of the map and let guards kill you.


Thats all from me guys! Good exploiting :P


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