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Hello all, i am -----selling----- Faction server (i hope i wont get banned)


Following features:

Special Submaster (you can choose any sub you want in 1 NPC)

Special Noble/Hero Coins (noble - 4ever, hero(3types) - 12h/4ever/till RR)

Top PvP Npc(in game you will be able to look at the statistics most PVP)

Special PvP titles(on different count of PvP, different titles for angels/demons)

Hero skills are available for subclass too (config on/off your choice)

Free wh, deposit,freight

Angel Chat +trade, Demon - !Shout, on 1000 kills (hero chat, but another with 1min flood protect)

Free augmentations

NPC protections (no skills/attack available)

Deleted summon skills, AIO types made to target_one

Automaticily opening DOORS (ch/castle)

Castle Walls (attackable by player with weapon)

Special Clan System (no rep points etc...5 eggs of RB's)

Special Buff SCroll (44buff slots, full buffs)

Angel Town - Heine, Demon - Orc Village (+ config with loc. you can change to anywhere you want)

Special Faction Guards (1 type attack angel, other - demon)

Special Spawn Guard (no Spawn Kills)

Special Unstopable/Ultrakill systems:

5 in arow - Angel get blue duel aura , demon red .and announcements says: Ultrakill! "name" .(made 5 in arow etc.).........

10 in arow - Angel get blue duel aura , demon red .and announcements says: Unstopable! "name" (made 10 in arow etc.).........

Duel aura dissapears when you are dead.

Special enchant weapon (like if you have CONFIG - enchant set to +16, if player wield wepon with +16 enchant, like S gr you can make only for S gr etc. he gets hero aura till he is equiped it)

Special Adena Bag systems (80/85/90/95%) (on different pvp count different bag each pvp)

Specialios Enchant Bag/Life stone systems(80/85/90/95%) (same as adena bag)

Raid boss, NPC, Shops and etc are... Server is ready to go just buy it :)

Full Flood protects (use item,roll dice,use skill, sub, chat and etc)

Full Sub protects (no bugs, no stacking skills)

Fixed dye exploits

Fixed Follow (rotate exploits)

Potions/CP potions reuse fixed


About the getting this server:

I'll give you patch, and will turn on it you can test and etc...

My contacts if you were interested:

email: battleforglory@gmail.com


So pm me!!! :) i will help and give assist for everything + give source ofcourse.

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