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Lineage 2 Gracia Part 2 - RaidArise x10 Retail-Like


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XP, SP, Adena, Drop, Spoil x10

Common Drop x5

Party x1.2

Raid Drop x3

Quest Drop x5

Quest Mat/Consumable Reward: x5

Manor x2

Fishing x2

Siege Guards: x10

Quest Adena/ XP/ SP rewards: x15 (Except first Class Quests, there rate will be x1.5)

Weight Limit x2


Retail Vitality (Up to 300% XP/SP Bonus)


No Auto Learn Skills

Class By Quests

SpellBooks Needed to Learn Skills

Subclass With Quest

Nobless With Quest


Enchant 66%

Max Enchant +25


Augmentation Active Skill Rates per LifeStone Grade:

NG: Retail 15%, RaidArise 7%

Mid: Retail 30%, RaidArise 15%

High: Retail 45%, RaidArise 22%

Top: Retail 60%, RaidArise 30%


Players with Karma can't: Shop, Teleport, Trade, use Warehouse


Auto Loot

Unstuck: 120 sec

Spawn Protection until move: 30 sec

NPC/Mob Animation: Disabled (to reduce client lag)

Shout/Trade: Global - After 400 Online: Region

TvT event (Team versus Team) at 9:00, 15:00, 21:00, 3:00


Warehouse Sorting

Offline Trade

20 Level PK Protection (Automated - Doesn't apply when flagged and when on PvP/Siege Zone).

PK Protection: 5PK per Hour otherwise jail 10 minutes (Automated).

Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon auto announce.

Shift+Click enabled to see Drop/Spoil.

Karma drop rate 10 times slower than Retail.


Download Patch Here:




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