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l2 oneo pack



geia sas....eimai new edw...exw ena problhma me l2 oneo pack... o server trexei kanonika...thelw na paizei online i lan toulaxiston edw sto net:) evala externalip kai internalip kai ola ok...den mporw na mpw an sto system/l2ini allaksw t server adress ..me local mpainei...:S an to allaksw k valw to externalip sto server adress k anoiksw l2.exe leei please full chek:S

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sto l2ini logika ta apo8ikeuis se 414 me file edit!


mpes me L2JONEOGAMESERVER/config/server.prop sto External->>>no-ip  sto internal->>> pigene cmd kai grapse ipconfig kai 8a sou bgali kati ips bale tin lan ip sou 8ane kapos etc 192.168.1 kai kati alla den xero pos stin exoun tin ip ! meta anikse file edit kai pigene sto l2ini kai sto Serveraddr= bale tin lan ip gia na pezete apo to net oli mazi kai apo8ikeuseto se 413 oxi 414 i an 8es na mpenoun ali ftiaxe ena system kai sto l2ini bale tin no-ip kai stilto se friends s!


p.s mi ksexnas apo8ikeuis se 413!

oti alo problem exis pm me!

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