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[BUG] Increased AP for death-knights - 3.0.9, Get about 5-7k AP depending on ge


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This is a talent bug that im sure many people know about already as its not hard to figure out, but for the ones that dont. This is mostly useful for servers with malls, like BG servers etc, since for this to be effective you need pretty good gear.


What you do is:


  1. Get as much armor as possible, other stats doesnt matter just armor, i had about 32k armor with frost presence when doing this.

  2. Respecc and put 5/5 talents in toughness

  3. Now activate frost presence (if you havent already) and specc 5/5 talents into bladed armor. Your AP should increase significantly.

  4. Now notice that even if you go out of frost presence your AP isnt decreasing, which it should since you no longer have the amount of armor which you had in frost.

  5. Specc into the build of your preference, dress up in DPS gear and go pew pew.



Using this i got to about 6k+ AP with T7/S5, fully enchanted, gemed, and blood talent build. Its not a huge increase but still it gives you an advantage over other people. Im not sure but i think it will work warrior Armored to the Teeth talent also.


Tested and works on VCN 3.0.9

Note that the effect is lost when you logout.

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