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My L2PHX or Interlude client has fucked off. :/

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So, do anyone can help me?

I reinstalled hellbound client and Interlude. I start hellbound with phx and everything is good phx found client, I see packets, but with Interlude...

So, I start Interlude client. Phx found this client... Everything looks good, but then I log in game L2Phx is not working. It shows what he found client, but there is nothing in Packet sniffer... Have redownloaded phx 5 times (Phx works 110%) Have downloaded 2 diffrent Interlude clients. Not working.  :-\

That sux, before ~2 days L2phx was working, but L2NET bot no. Today I fixed L2NET it's working, but phx has fucked off... If anyone can, please help me.

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