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[Request]Gracia PT2 Highrate

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Hi guys i am looking for a gracia pt2 server with at least 50people online.

Rates between 1000-5000 and NO LAG and customs items

I would apreciate it if the server has epic glows or something


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Lineage ][ World (Stuck Subclass main +1)


Rate: -2000x

Enchant rate: 65% Chance - 75% Chance with Blessed

                    +6  Safe  - +20 Maxim


Overpower Subclasses are fixed server more balanced

Dynasty Items retail status - Epic Items (custom status but not make your char overpower)

Visible Helmet for some Items'

NPC Buffer - GM Shop

Olympiad Every 15 days

Sieges Weekly

TvT, CTF, Event GM and more


See you in game




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Features :


# General

* 5000x XP/SP

* 8000x Adena

* 66% Enchant Rate

* +16 Max Enchant

* +3 Safe Enchant

* Full GM-Shop

* Scheme Buffer

* Normal Buffer

* Gatekeeper

* Subclass - No Q

* Buyable Noble

* Mana Potion


# Custom

* TvT - Every 2 hours



* TownWar - GM Handled - Once a GM uses this command, a town will become an arena. Every time you kill someone

                          inside the town you will receive a prize. Karma will not show up even on PK's

                          if you are inside the town and the event. When you die you will not be able to ressurect

                          (sometimes) so this will be used as KOTH too. Can be used as a normal battle event as well

                          if the RessurectOnDeath config is enabled.


* Custom Drops - Mobs Level 75+

* Custom raid drops - Raids Level 75+

* Custom economy


* Custom leveling - You start in your own zone. Once you hit level 20, you get ported to Curma Tower.

                    At 40, to DV. Once you get 60, you will be ported to Ketra and finally once you hit 75,

                    you will be ported to MOS. Also, each time you get ported you will receive a new

                    title to let everyone know you are still leveling and you should not be PK'd.

                    On your first monster kill at level 80, the title dissapears.



* Level restriced PvP system - You can only kill players within your grade. Added to avoid low level PK.


* Secured client - Patched system using launcher and enabled GG Auth to avoid hacking software.


* Increased HTML performance - Boosts startup time with few seconds.


* Boosted up startup time - The startup time has been boosted by disabling some of the useless quests.

                            They are completely non-sense on a high rate server so I just do not load them.

                            Valakas quest, Baium quest, Antharas quest, Noblesse quest, Clan quests,

                            Village masters and teleporters are being loaded.


* Reworked packet handling - Under attack, monster's HP bar reloads every second instead of every

                              hit to avoid lagging in a mass of mobs.

                            - Quite the same on siege. Guards packets got a flood protector. This may make

                              guards pop-up from nowhere but very rarelly. I personally prefer a guard to

                              come near me than not being able to play because of lag.


* Vesper armor and jewels - Not that expensive because of the fact that you might want to enchant them.

                            They will probablly break so you need to farm them again. So ye, they are cheap.

New feature!


* Customized vitality system - Vitality system is made to increase your xp gaining on farming mobs.You vitality will increase if you stay offline                                            or inside a peace zone for aperiod of time. Also you vitality will get lowered down when you kill a mob. I changed                                          it a bit as fallows:


                                        Vitality level 1 - Apiga drops + 10%

                                        Vitality level 2 - Apiga drops + 30%

                                        Vitality level 3 - Apiga drops + 60%

                                        Vitality level 4 - Apiga drops + 100%


# Server box :

* 4 x Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50 GHz, 2.49 GHz

* 8 GB Ram

* 2x WDC WD800JD-75MSA3 80GB SATA DRIVE 7.2k HDD

* 100Mb/s Network (OC-192 Backbone)



Website : http://www.greatgaming-network.com

Forum : http://greatgaming-network.com/forum/index.php


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I would like to present You a new server - HellGrind


After many years spended on playing in Lineage II and after pretty long time of being a Game Master i decided to share my knowledge in the form of the server HellGrind which i made with my friends. During it's creation we tried to use our creativity and possibly changes for Your pleasure.


I offer You a game with new Armors, Weapons and other visual changes from Gracia Final Part.



Start Servera - 06.03.2009r Godzina 18.00

Kronika - Gracia PT2


Strona i Forum zostanie zakonczona 04.03.2009r (w Budowie)

Wszytkie pytania prosze kierowac w tym temacie!


Site and Forum (It is built)





- Xp=2000x

- Sp=2000x

- Adena=2000x

- Spoil=1x

- Drop=1x


Safe Enchant: 3

Max Enchant: 15

Enchant Scroll: 65

BlessedEnchant Scroll: 72

CrystalEnchant Scroll: 99



- Costum Weapon (Vesper) Working

- Costum Armor (Vesper) Working

- GM Shop

- Class Master

- FullBuffer (2Godziny)

- Global GK

- Zariche Working

- Akamanah Working

- Nobless = RB lub 30GB

- Raid Boss Working

- Auto Learn Skill

- Max Subclass 4

- Special location (Farmy i nie tylko)

- Autoloot

- Death Penalty ON

- Olimpiad: 1 week Working

- ClanHall Working

- Duel System Working

- Max Buff (46miejsc)

- Siege Working


- No lag!



- Respawn RB 10h +2h

- Drop wynosi 1 sztuka


-And Much More ^^:


Server Machine:

- Intel Core2Quad 2x 2.66+ GHz


- 2x 750 GB SATA2 - RAID 1

- 100 Mb/s Internet Connection



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