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[Guide]Pws Mporeis Na Alla3eis To Name Tou Server S Sto Login

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Prota Xreiazomaste Ena File Edit Oriste ena http://www.4shared.com/file/91203803/20a59c0d/L2_FileEdit_for_Kam-Hel__ver_800.html (Kanei gia Ola)


Loipon Xekiname

Anoigoume To File Edit ,Briskoume To System Sto Opio Theloume Na Allaxoume Diafora pragmata P.x:Tn Server Ip Prepei na allaxeis auto edw:

ServerAddr= <---- edw Tin Ip Tou Server Sou I An Dn thn ksereis www.whatismyip.com Otan Allaxoume Tin Ip Tou Server Patame Save And Encrypt File Kai Mhn Xexnate Se Version 413 Oxi 414 Meta Mporoume Na Allaxoume To Server Name Meta to Login Sunh8os Einai Bartz Poli Eukola Mporoume Na To onomasou Opws Theloume Emeis Anoigoume To File Edit Briskoume To System Patch Sto Search Briskoume to servername-e.dat Mpainoume Mesa Kai Blepoume (Merika Apo Ta Opia Grafei) An Thelete na to allaxete Sbhnete To Bartz Kai Grafete Oti 8elete na Emfanizete


server_id tag_? server_name server_desc

0 1 a,Bartz\0 a,

1 1 a,Sieghardt\0 a,

2 1 a,Kain\0 a,

3 1 a,Lionna\0 a,

4 1 a,Erica\0 a,


Kserw Oti Exoune Ginei Polla Tetoia Post Gia Auto to Thema Elpizw Na Boh8hsa Esto Kai Ligo


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Efkolo Men , na to ftiakseis alla meriki dn kseroune... oso gia to file edit ekei p grafeis kanei gia ola dn to nomizo gia afto parte afto edw Click Me To Opoio Einai C5-Interlude, Akoma Kai Ean Kanei Gia Ola Afto P Mas Edwses Kako Dn Einai Na Yparxei To C5-Interlude..

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Wraio post gia osous den to 3eran auto h to psaxnoun akoma.

8a sou protina na ala3eis to tilte se [Guide]Pws Mporeis Na Alla3eis To Name Tou Server S Sto Login

Einai poio sigekrimeno  ;)



Simfwnw mazi sou...PREPEI na allaxei to title gt to Pws Mporeis Na Ftiaxeis To system Patch ( ???) tou server sou dn einai pio swsto title...

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poli kalo gia atoma p dn kseroun, alla isws na mn einai toso exidikevmenoi oste na ta katalabenoun me ta logia, skepsou na anevaseis ka ifoto :D gt merikoi dn ta katalabenoun me ta logia:P

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    • totally agree, the problem started with professionals who made easy to open a server, specially interlude has been abused unstoppably since you can open a server with few clicks now days making fewer players for many servers, while back in time when "compile" was a secret and opening a server was going max players but true things are changing and this has become a job but dont lie everyone knows what is going on, lying is showing desperation, better go and work. i've worked with lots of people with kids that invest huge amounts of money into this and fail while they needed the money its an addiction.
    • well,we all know that everyone is doing it for money. And it's acceptable since you put much more effort than the usual admins. If you're proffesional on l2 servers,i don't find a reason to not see it as a job. Ofc it's job,but all jobs has their own prides. I'll talk about me,i'm a guy that working 10 +/- hours per day. I have 2-3 free hours on my daily activity and sometimes i enjoy playing Lineage because nostalgia hits me everyday. If you are many years on scene,u'll understand that lineage will never be the same like old days. Days that we was gathering at internet cafes,and the battle was daily. Anyway, some people perfer to pay big clans and provide them black market with special prices and benefits that a casual player wont have. Also big clans means big wars,so server will have population even if you have zero quality. And there is some projects that wont pay those d1ckheads,so they wont join them and project need to find other ways to increase the population. So,i'm a player that i'll donate 20-40-50 euros on every server i play,and usually i'm getting "scammed" since they re-open their server every 2 months. And the problem is that,i personally don't mind to donate few money every 2 months for my joy,but the majority of owners has zero knowledge about L2 gaming. That's why they can't fix a sh1t,and when the problems pile up,they slowly close the server and starting advertising for another one. Actually,on high rate scene mostly,is the same guy that doing it everytime. He opens his project for 1-2 months,he close it and before he shut down the server,he has already started the advertising on his next server with different name. It's just crazy and that part shouldn't be acceptable. So yes,i perfer to support a project with honest admin team,and somewhere they have the knowledge to implent things. Business is business,but at least as community,we should enjoy our game that we love, cheers. 
    • thanks for sharing !! any guide to install this? it would be great!!
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