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Loose your karma.


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I was using search, but didin't find other topic about this. If it's already exist please lock/delete this topic.

Then you are karma and you die you have a chance to loose your items.

But here is another way how to loose your karma without droping your items!!

You just need to find a water somewhere (river/lake). Then go in it and drown oneself. Then you will be dead you will loose some (or all) your karma and your items will be safe.  ;)

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so then u die u just drop items on lake bottom? or u didn't droping anything in lake ?

You don't drop at all.


It may work...U can do some way the same  [unhidden Text:]

In interlude when you use arcane power it disapear at low hp and you can't use it...


xmm..You dont loose your items beacuse you drown yourself(you will probably loose items if a guard or another player kills you...)Cool share m8..


Thank you. :)

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