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[Guide]How to make Tvt Event(Simply Guide)

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Command To create tvt //tvt





In Place Name =Put name of Tvt For example l2-Stand


In Place Description =You have to put Tvt Event.


In Place Max Level =Put 90 lvl because if you put 85 cant join all players


In Place Min level =You put the min levels of players that can join


In Place NPC =You have to put one npc for example custom npc


In Place NPC Post = you have to put the cordinates to Join (Giran=82795, 148717, -3468


In Place Reward =Put the id that players win while the event finished(π.χ 2807=Gold bar.)


In Place Amount Reward= You put how many of gold bars for example you need to purpose in the winning p.x 5


In Place Join Time  =You have to put the time while players can join into the event


In Place Event Time =You put the time while event have to finish p.x 15


Team 1



In Place Team Add=You have to put the name of the team p.x Red


In Place team Color =You put the color that the team have got


In Place Team Pos  =You put the cordinates that the team appears....


If you want to delete the team that you make just press Team Remove.


Team 2



In Place Team Add=Put the name of the 1 team


In Place Color team Color =The color of the team


In Place Team Pos  =Put the cordinates that the team appears

If you want to delete the team just press Team Remove.



When you finish press Save !!!!


If you want to start now the Event Press Join

If you want to start the event faster than you put it just press Start

If you want to teleport the team press Teleport

If you want to stop the event more faster than you put it just press Finish

If you want to exit event abort it press Abort.


make rr server or start the server again to load the tvt task

there are more place not only Coliseum

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