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[Cheat]Counter Strike Source Cheat Codes


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Hi Guys In This Topic I am Going To Give You Some Cheat Codes Which You Can Put In The Console (open console:press [ ~ ]).


Let's Start :

1st: mat_proxy 0 or 2 --> that code allows to player to see through the walls  (first set the value to 2 and then very quickly set the value to 0)


2nd: cl_crosshairscale from 0 to 40000 --> that code make smaller the aim ( i always uses the value of 40000)


3rd: sv_gravity from 0 to 800 --> that code give the opportunity to the player to jump higher ( the player can activate this code only if he is the owner of the server )


Thx For Saw My Topic I Hope I 've Gave Some Help

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