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    U Cant Beat Someone With Style If U Dont Cheat Him
  1. i think if admin change the type of srv and make it GvE, much people will leave .... :S
  2. Server is open again 6/4/2010 ..... keep playing
  3. yy kalo to name bug to exw dokimasei .. dn painei omws se olous ts srv
  4. nC post ... prp na eisai pl xazos gia na to kaneis auto :P
  5. yy egw to dikimasa kai douleuei thx.. m8
  6. Can u Make One for me plzz :P?? Theme:Batman( i like too much MasterDisater sign that involves batman and my favourite colors!!) Render:With Text: DeaThLine SubText: Without Favourite Colors: Black And Red
  7. Master ur sign rocksss... i like it too much... i love batman and red color .... so.. i would appreciated if u could make for me one sign with this two things!!! gZ!!!