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[Guide]Duping stackable with WPE Pro


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Ok, this is a new method discovered on my server the other day (fixed there or I wouldn't be posting it )


open up WoW. Then open up WPE pro. Logon with say 50 badges of Justice. In WPE pro hit target then target your wow.exe.


Next go down to the filter 1 check in the box double click it a new menu will open up with colums and 2 rows that say search and modify. Under colum 8 under search type in 13. Under modify type 14 then hit apply. hit the big on button and go back onto your wow. Logout with your 50 badges then log back in.


Now Shift click those 50 badges and take 49 and move to any slot of your first bag then take that one left over badge and put it in the very last 20 slot bag in the very last slot in it on the right side. Logout then back in and should be 99 badges now.


Want more badges? Now logout with the 99 and then log back in this is to verify that you are duping the 99. Shift click those and take away 98 put in your first bag any where then put the left over one again in the last slot on the right of your last 20 slot bag. Logout log in repeat the steps until necessary amount of badges is required.

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