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[Uber-post]Far Cry 2


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  Far Cry 2 Cheats

Secret/Bonus Missions

zUmU6Rup - Unlock exclusive bonus missions

sa7eSUPR - Unlock secret missions

tar3QuzU - Unlock secret missions

THaCupR4 - Unlock secret missions

6aPHuswe - Unlocks more exclusive missions.

96CesuHu - Unlocks more exclusive missions.

SpujeN7x - Unlocks more exclusive missions.



Submitted By: Late Gamers


All Missions

Entry Location:

Main Menu


Enter following cheat from the Main Menu - 6aphuswe or 96cesuhu

The codes are case sensitive.


Submitted By: Nikke


Far Cry 2 Hints

Run Away

Entry Location:

Last Diamond Case


Act2. Final Battle: Don,t fight all of your (Ex) Buddies. Just run like hell toward the north-east and the stream after picking up the diamond case, make sure your lined-up in that direction before grabbing the case. When you get out of the stream, onto the path toward the safe house, you will get an "Objective Completed," meaning all your buddies are dead with out engaging them in a hundred fire fights before you win.


Submitted By: RetCop9855


Golden AK-47

In a shack north of the oasis you will find a diamond case and next to it a gold plated AK-47 (this gun will never rust).


Submitted By: alien_guy


Malaria Tips

Keep your malaria in check, a low level malaria means:

Faster health regeneration

More health

Longer sprint


Submitted By: 111


Far Cry 2 Easter Eggs

Golden AK47

Entry Location:

Act 2: near Tae Moco Mine.


in Act 2 there is a small hut on the road just to the East of the mine with a Jeep beside it. On the the side of the hut with the Jeep break the boards over the window and climb in. In the middle of the hut is a Golden AK47. Enjoy


Submitted By: Scooby


Guide Link:http://rapidshare.com/files/200125932/Far_Cry_2_guide_by_marinis.rtf.html

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