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WotLK Classic Honor Points Farming Guide


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This post originally appeared on MmoGah.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic is an expansion of the famous WoW that was released in 2022. It increases the level cap in World of Warcraft from level 70 to level 80. Along with significant changes to dungeons, raids, and player-vs-player encounters, the game also featured a new class and a new profession.


The death knight is a new class, while inscription is the new profession. It is a hero class that starts at level fifty-five. If you couldn't perform better in battles previously, don't worry, as you can now create pigments using herbs to get buff scrolls, glyphs, special enhancements, and trinkets. To help you with your adventure, the continent of Northrend now features eleven new zones. This new expansion is divided into five phases. The first phase will feature Naxxramas, the Eye of Eternity, and The Obsidian Sanctum.


The last phase will feature the ruby sanctum. Honor points are an important part of the Wrath of the lich king classic, and you need a good amount of these points. It is a festival season for players as developers have recently dropped the prices of items that you can purchase with these coins. This honor point farming guide will take you through the best methods to earn honor points in WOTLK Classic.



What Are Honor Points?

This expansion features many currencies, such as important WoW WotLK Classic gold and honor points. Each currency serves a specific purpose. When it comes to honor points, you can purchase in-game rewards with them. You can keep track of how many honor points you can earn, just like emblems and badges. To track the available and possible honor points, just go to the currency tab from the character panel.


For other currencies like gold, you can simply attack players on the game map and loot them, but this option isn't available for honor points. The game provides you with honor points based on your interactions with other players and NPCs instead. You need to hit NPCs or players who have a specific level because low-level enemies don't give any honor points at all.


The number of honor points you earn varies from interaction to interaction. This new patch to the Wrath of the lich king classic has also changed the player-vs-player encounter system. Now, the number of honor points you get is based on some other factors as well, such as solo encounters, group encounters, honor-boosting buffs, etc. Stuck at a level? Buy one of the best WotLK Classic power leveling services and let pro gamers level your character in a short time.  


What to Buy with Honor Points?

You will surely want to know what you should grind for honor points in the WOTLK classic. After all, this is not the main currency of the game. So why should you waste your time on earning honor points instead of gold? The answer is that you can purchase rare and epic items with honor points. For this purpose, you have to find vendors in locations such as Orgrimmar and Stormwind.


Most of these items that you purchase will come in handy in player-vs-player interactions. These items boost the resilience of your character. You don't need resilience for raids, dungeons, and heroic runs. For player-vs-environment encounters, these items can get the job done for some time, but you should work on getting items for these encounters as well.  


Hafetul gladiator is a perfect example of such items that you can purchase with honor points. It is a level eighty gear that you can purchase without any arena ratings at all. Most items that you purchase with honor points are for PVP, so they will provide your character with resilience and stamina. Some entry-level PVE items, such as jewel crafting recipes, can be purchased for a few thousand honor points.


The minimum level requirement to equip items that you have purchased using honor points is eighty. Some of the best items that you can buy with honor points are given below, along with complete details about them.


Deadly Gladiator's Band of Ascendancy – A level 213 ring that you can purchase from vendors for forty-seven thousand and four hundred honor points.

Deadly Gladiator's Band of Victory – A level 213 ring that you can purchase from vendors for forty-seven thousand and four hundred honor points.

Deadly Gladiator's Boots of Triumph – Level 213 boots that you can purchase from vendors for sixty-two thousand honor points.

Battlemaster's Bravery – A level 213 trinket that you can purchase from vendors for sixty-two thousand honor points. 

Deadly Gladiator's Cloak of Victory – A level 213 cloak that you can purchase from vendors for forty-seven thousand and four hundred honor points.

Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Victory - A level 213 amulet that you can purchase from vendors for forty-seven thousand and four hundred honor points.

Deadly Gladiator's Greaves of Triumph - A level 213 plate armor that you can purchase from vendors for sixty-two thousand honor points.


Tips for Earning Honor Points

Methods to earn in-game currencies change daily, and the same thing applies to honor points. Previously, players first earned justice points and later converted them to honor points, but now it has changed. Here are some tips that to boost your honor points.


There is no weekly limit to how many honors points you can earn.

You can earn four thousand points only in one go, so try to stay within the limit. If you already have four thousand points in the bag, there is no point in grinding for more until you spend them.

Don't keep honor points with yourself for too long and instead spend them on gears to boost up the process.


Best Ways to Max Out Your Honor

Players can buy special types of items using special currencies such as Honor Points and Conquest Points. These two currencies are used to purchase PVP items only. For entry-level and basic PVP items, Honor Points are used. Strong PVP items, only the other hand, require conquest points. Some best ways to earn honor points are given below with complete details.


1.       Kill Players of other factions

Killing players from other factions is profitable in many ways. You can kill players to earn honor points, but you have to first determine whether the kill is honorable or not. If the kill is honorable, you will get honor points along with other rewards. Here are a few things that you have to keep in mind to earn honor points through this method.


Players from other factions who are level ten or lower won't count as honorable kills, and you won't earn any honor points for that kill.


Killing players who have entered a new zone recently won't reward you with honor points. Players who are under the resurrection sickness effect. For best results, kill players from other factions who have the same level as you, as they will provide you with a good amount of honor points.


If the enemy is an honorable kill, don't hesitate and just kill it. You have to follow these guidelines for all future honor killings. Most enemies on the game map are honor kills.


2.       Use Random Battlegrounds

In Wrath of the Lich King, a battleground is a special place where two teams enter to fight against each other. There are specific objectives for these battlegrounds that both teams have to complete to win the match. To earn honor points through battlegrounds, you have to do much more than simply kill an enemy. You need a character level of ten or above to enter the battleground. Here are the steps to earn honor points.


Press the "I" key from your keyboard to enter the desired battleground. The second method to enter the battleground is by using the group finder option from the main menu. You can find the main menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

Go to the group finder menu from the bar. On the bottom of the finder menu, you will see three options. Select the "Player-vs-Player" option.

On the next screen, select a battleground from the available options. You can either select a specific battleground or let the AI automatically suggest a battleground to you.

Tap on the "Join battle" button after selecting the battleground.

Wait in the queue for a few minutes before you can enter a battleground.


After you enter the battleground, you have to kill any enemy that stands between you and victory. To obtain Honor Points, one of the best and quick ways is battlegrounds. It is a team-based task, so all the participants earn a specific number of honor points according to their performance. For each match in the battleground, you will earn a few hundred honor points. Winning is just a part of the game, as kills determine how many points you will earn.


3.       Through Skirmish

In Wrath of the lich king Classic, skirmishes stand for two-vs-two and three-vs-three battles where both teams fight until one team is killed. Unlike battlegrounds, where you have to complete objectives, you only have to kill enemies in skirmishes to earn honor points. The level requirement in WOTLK to enter a skirmish is fifteen, while there is no max limit. To enter a skirmish, follow these steps.


Go to the menu bar in WOTLK Classic and search for the green eye icon.

Tap on the icon to open the group finder menu.

Select the desired skirmish from the available options.

Tap on the "join battle" button to enter the queue for a skirmish.


Kill all the enemies in the other team, and you will earn, on average, fifty to sixty honor points. You can receive delivery of gold from two different methods if you purchase it from a dependable site - MMOGAH. Here is how you can boost your earnings.


Upgrade your character to level hundred to receive an extra box which is filled with honor points and gold.

Those who have a character that is less than a level hundred will get leveling experience points instead of the extra box to help them quickly hit the level cap.



Now that you have a complete guide to earn honor points along with suggestions for gears that you should buy with all those honor items. It is time to start making honor points in WOTLK Classic and buy gear for PVP encounters. You can improvise these methods according to your needs as well as use new tricks to earn more points in less time.


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