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Hi there is a guy named dracula1991 something,, if you check his profile he spams and write bad stuff in almost every private server.

That guy had lag but he had no issues to create 3 + accounts to spam that my Beta server is unplayable. I do not care for his opinion just want my topic cleaned from his bs. Here is the topic + logs from my server and also i contacted a guy that is a beta tester from argentina at discord, argentina doesnt have lags but poland has. Propably a hater and i do not care just please i beg you to clean my topic. keep his opinion for the lag , just clean the rest


[08.08.21 19:39:52] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] anyone online?
[08.08.21 19:40:02] SHOUT [SonGoku] no
[08.08.21 19:40:10] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] nice
[08.08.21 19:40:11] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] pt
[08.08.21 19:40:11] SHOUT [SonGoku] am i the pnly one who has still lags and spikes?
[08.08.21 19:40:19] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] i dont lag at all
[08.08.21 19:40:27] SHOUT [SonGoku] man my connection is goood
[08.08.21 19:40:31] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] mine also 
[08.08.21 19:40:34] SHOUT [SonGoku] its server problem not mine for sure
[08.08.21 19:40:35] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] 40mbps 
[08.08.21 19:40:42] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] i dont lag man i dont know
[08.08.21 19:40:45] SHOUT [SonGoku] i played all dayt league of legends and 0 lags
[08.08.21 19:40:53] SHOUT [SonGoku] sh1t ;/
[08.08.21 19:40:55] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] where are u from?
[08.08.21 19:40:59] SHOUT [SonGoku] poland
[08.08.21 19:41:06] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] strange i am from greece
[08.08.21 19:41:14] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] i should be the one that lags , not u haha 
[08.08.21 19:41:17] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] but i dont
[08.08.21 19:41:25] SHOUT [SonGoku] u ? server location is greece
[08.08.21 19:41:29] SHOUT [SonGoku] u cant get lags
[08.08.21 19:41:32] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] its not greece rofl
[08.08.21 19:41:39] SHOUT [SonGoku] i spoke with admin on mxc forum
[08.08.21 19:41:41] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] put the ip in whois
[08.08.21 19:41:54] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] why the fack u lying xD i speak with him from discord
[08.08.21 19:42:01] SHOUT [SonGoku] xD xD xD
[08.08.21 19:42:08] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] let me ask him 
[08.08.21 19:42:13] SHOUT [SonGoku] wich loction did he tell you?
[08.08.21 19:42:16] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] but whois says netherlands
[08.08.21 19:42:55] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] γο τgo to who.is
[08.08.21 19:43:03] SHOUT [SonGoku] where wat
[08.08.21 19:43:05] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] and write
[08.08.21 19:43:11] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] internet  and site www.who.is
[08.08.21 19:43:20] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] ip of the server 
[08.08.21 19:43:25] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] u will see country NL 
[08.08.21 19:44:02] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] also hostingchecker.com 
[08.08.21 19:44:09] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] put the ip
[08.08.21 19:44:14] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] city amsterdam
[08.08.21 19:44:24] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] hosting company serverius
[08.08.21 19:44:24] SHOUT [SonGoku] ok i give up 
[08.08.21 19:44:28] SHOUT [SonGoku]  2 many lags
[08.08.21 19:44:29] SHOUT [SonGoku] gl
[08.08.21 19:44:43] SHOUT [SonGoku] admin made sh1t server but ok cya
[08.08.21 19:44:50] SHOUT [SonGoku] machine from 19 century
[08.08.21 19:44:59] SHOUT [SonGoku] and he post it on mxc
[08.08.21 19:45:00] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] haha lol 
[08.08.21 19:45:04] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] i screen that to show him xD
[08.08.21 19:45:04] SHOUT [SonGoku] gonna fail alot man but gl
[08.08.21 19:45:05] SHOUT [SonGoku] xD
[08.08.21 19:45:13] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] i like it till now but anywayz xD
[08.08.21 19:45:17] SHOUT [SonGoku] np u can show him
[08.08.21 19:45:18] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] good luck where else u play ?
[08.08.21 19:45:24] SHOUT [PitouroVrwmis] maybe we can play together
[08.08.21 22:53:45] SHOUT [MEGA] LAAAGS
[08.08.21 22:53:52] SHOUT [MEGA]  connection fine but spikes as fack

VEGA - SONGOKU - MEGA  - SAME IP - USERNAMES.. come on lets be real you make multiple accounts and spam this stuff 🙂


theHypest — Yesterday at 9:49 PM


[9:49 PM]

when u play Lineage2forever you lag?

MiLoSeViCk* — Yesterday at 9:50 PM

Hello The truth is that the times I played I was disconnected maybe from restarts

theHypest — Yesterday at 9:50 PM

hard to play?

[9:50 PM]

i mean much lag?

MiLoSeViCk* — Yesterday at 9:51 PM

I played very well but as I told you I was disconnected nothing else since I did not suffer from lag

theHypest — Yesterday at 9:52 PM

ok ty

MiLoSeViCk* — Yesterday at 9:53 PM

no problem

this chat is from a player in argentina. 🙂 i think i know whats is wrong with you so i will totally ignore you , since i asked u already to join to discord and maybe i solve your problem. But i do know how people like you actually are. If someone check your profile you "dishonor" half of the private servers section 

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