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Guide SpecialCamera Function Documentation

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this thread is about using SpecialCamera function.

It is particurarly useful if you're interested in providing a quality custom raid boss. The final result can be further enchanced with proper client editing.


The function consists of 12 arguments.


1st argument: The npcthat the camera effects will work in relation to. If your npc will be moving while the camera effect is taking place, I would advise to use a dummy npc for the camera so that it works as a global coordinate system.


2nd argument: Distance from the npc.


3rd argument: Yaw angle.

4th argument: Pitch angle.



5th argument: The timeframe that the camera effect must reach its specified values (which means  it affects the "acceleration" of the effect). Though I've noticed it doesn't work properly all the time.


6th argument: The radius in which it will affect the players.


7th argument: The time that the camera will be in place and thus not allowing players to do any moves.


8th argument: It's kinda responsible for horizontal translation


9th argument: Responsible for vertical translation


10th argument: Whether or not you'd like the black frames up and down shown in the image.


11th argument: It kind of mirrors the camera effect (if set to 1), the exact opposite stated effect takes place.


12th argument: Haven't figured it out.


Here's a draft video of what I came up with for a specific zombie event.



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    • Oh fat man  U just copy pride u dint done something  unique.. u just did a better copy so what?  I m the only who remember what pride was and he really did.
    • Hello,    Link dead 😄
    • As one of the last updates before our Grand Opening on the 10th of this month, we are making the final adjustments to some of our features that hopefully will increase the quality of life of our players.    Adjusted some of our the accessories in the Donation Shop and fixed some issues clientside showing NoNameItem.  Fixed an issue with Guidance buff on Newbie Helper for Stage 2 and 3 were it was giving the lvl 1 of the skill as oposed to lvl 3.  Decreased the price of Horn from 1200 to 800 Moonstone Shards (Donny - Services).                All Normal Dances from Bladedancer no longer require duals to use, similar to Combo Dances.  Dance of Medusa Increased cooldown from 120 to 140 seconds since now can be used with faster attack speed weapons     Like it was mentioned above, our grand opening is comming soon so we want to clear the air about important information regarding the start of 7s, first sieges and epics. The first 7s cycle will begin on the 13th of December, meaning the first monday after the server opening. The catacombs will be unlocked until then but will not drop Seal Stones until the 7s period begins. Unfortunatly, the natural first sieges of the server would end up happening during Christmas Weekend and for that reason, we will postpone the first sieges for the next 2 week cycle. This mean the 1st sieges of our server will be on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of January (2nd Stage). We are delaying the first appearance of Epic Bosses until the 15th of December, wednesday. This means the first epic boss to spawn will be Queen Ant on that day at 22:00 GMT+2. If you are still wondering how the epic bosses spawns work, click here for more information    
    • he was very good for his time full of awesome ideas. This is not disputed by anyone.in terms of datapack it was awesome. But it had nothing special in codes with today's servers.
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