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Request L2j HIGHFIVE LF Testers


New And Upcoming L2j Server

  • Low Rate
  • Custom New And HardCore PvP System
  • Custom Quest's 
  • Custom Mounts
  • Specialized Events
  • GM Shop To C Grade


Good Day, Looking for 6 people to join My project as volunteer testers

HIGHFIVE Chronicle

This Is A PvP/Quest/Craft Server


- English / Spanish 


For Your Information:

There will be constant account wipes, the rates will fluctuate and things will break. If your joining me keep this in mind I plan to develop this server for upwards of 8 months before any kind of initial beta i will open small private tests and soon alpha tests throughout the coming months, Currently this is not an Alpha Nor is it a Beta. join me if your interested in being apart of my project as a volunteer tester And Have Early Access. This is A Long Term Project im already setup 

Any Questions PM Me Here Reply To This Post Or Simply Join The Discord And Ask Thank You For You Time In Reading My Post!


DISCORD: https://discord.gg/MxpGX2N



09/19/2020 SERVER UPDATE 

New PvP System Completed


- Introducing a risk for reward PvP system one that feels good...

- A custom PvP system that changes the way World PvP works

- With The Addition Of Buffs Bonuses And Experience Boosts 


09/26/2020 SERVER UPDATE

Player Drop Tables Adjusted / Looks Good Need More Players For Testing

Bounty Quest's Are In Development

Mounts Are In Development

Quest's Are In Development

Farm Zones Levels 1-15 Completed 

GM Shop In Development Up To TOP C Grade

Custom Gatekeeper In Development

10/03/2020 SERVER UPDATE

RaidBosses Spawn Every 4 HR's 

Epic Raid Boss Spawn Every 12 HR's 

GK Completed 

Farm Zones 20-55 Spawn Locations Completed



Special mobs Moved To Appropriate Farm Zones

Dwarf Class Is Very Important For Economy No Dwarfs No Economy

 10/04/2020 SERVER UPDATE

Excellent GeoData has been furnished

Looking for a patcher/updater with custom graphics


Still looking for volunteer Testers





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Looking For Testers

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