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PremSocks.com - SOCKS Proxy Shop / Service


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Dear members,


We'd love to introduce you to our SOCKS proxy shop / service - premsocks.com
The proxy shop, enables you to purchase SOCKS4/5 proxies from various of countries - providing certain degree of anonymity.


Key features of the shop / service:

- Fast proxies and no logs
- No dead SOCKS on the site. Proxies are being checked all the time. Unlike other shops, on our you see ONLY online socks.

- API for automated proxy fetching
- Option to filter proxies by hostname, ISP, city, region, country, speed - every possible option out there.
- Option to copy purchased proxies in application friendly format
- Instant and fully automated money deposits using PerfectMoney and BitCoin and altcoins
- Affordable prices
- Flexible packages - you can pay per single proxy or for example 15 days subscription. It's up to you to decide.
- Clean design of the site
- Support team speaking understandable English
- Demo package - for $2 you can test our service for 2 days


Free Promo Codes:

We're giving out promotion codes.
Each of these, enables you to add some funds to your account balance for free.

To use a promo code: please register on site -> go to account settings section -> type the code and enjoy the added balance




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