Greetings from an old user.

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Hello everybody!


I have returned in this community after 11 years.


Lineage2 was part of my life in my early teens.


My sole goal is to finally invest some of my hard earned adult money into fulfilling 

one of my many ambitions, silly for some but important for me.


I always desired to make a unique lineage2 server from scratch.

One of the many difficulties in achieving such a goal is that I'm a complete newbie.


Any mentoring or fast advising  and important by your judgment topics/guides/shares suggestions are most welcome!


General e.g

how to import scripts. (add a weapon, ready scripts such as npcs with pvp and pk information)

how to make basic client modifications. (import custom armors, npcs, weapons, locations and even data from later chronicles)

how to twitch parameters (such as; max lvl rates, quests etcetera)

how to make server online, and so on.


Please, take notice that I have used the search engine of this website and most of the threads have broken links

or are not related with my inquiries (maybe it's my lack of understanding ideology).



That's all! Feels good being back.

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