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discord : DannyDillinger#4547

selling : 3000 DP = 20 EUR = 1000



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Ok so i would like to proceed with reporting @Kellox for false report.


I had never made a single deal with @Kellox and i got all the proofs which build the very conclusive evidence of the false report being a result of a plain disagreement between my terms as a seller and his desired terms as a buyer.


I can provide the screenshots of our conversation towards any forum authority and i'd like to remind that the forum does not have a single letter obliging me as a dealer to follow any kind of specific terms outside of basic "no fraud".


Thanks in advance.

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@dannydillinger @Kellox Since you both have screenshots make a proper report in report section so we can have a decision!

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The main issue is that in a real business environment ( fundamental principles of which you seem to be completely missing ) a violation attempt is already something beyond a misbehavior. It is a serious offence leading to the consequences almost as serious as a completed crime itself.


This leads us to the understanding that accusing someone of a serious violation attempt without any proofs giving conclusive evidence does have the almost similar weigh and is considered a pretty serious violation itself.



In your aforeposted message you clearly stated the following :


15 hours ago, Kellox said:

Pretty obvious scam attempt if you ask me, proceed with caution if you want to find out yourself.


which doesn't have any meanings but an accusation of frauding activity from my side. The statement is composed the way leaving no outs like "sharing personal opinion" or "expressing the doubt" but clearly equalizing my actions with frauding attempt.


Here we come closer to another fundamental principle of contract environment which may be described like any accusation as serious as that should be backed by heavy proofs and valid arguments. As a fair trader who has to defend his clear business reputation from someone's arrogant approach i would like to make a deeper insight on what @Kelloxis backing his words with.


15 hours ago, Kellox said:

Way lower rates than other sellers

That's a simpliest one. Is there any kind of treaty, agreement, job description or duty regulation i have signed / i am subordinate to while selling DP and L2Tales?

I am not.


15 hours ago, Kellox said:

4 days old Account, refuses to use Celestine as Middleman "In case something goes wrong"

For that one i'd like to give a link to an existing legal document - rules of trade section for the forum we're both using right now. This one so far can be considered as the only regulation source for trading terms, and this is it:




A single string of text in the aforementioned document stating any limitations in selling order creation based either on registration date census or seller's readiness to agree on third party agent usage could make your word a proven argument and a part of evidence.


Such string does not exist.


From the attached screenshots of conversation between me and @Kelloxit is pretty clear that @Kellox 's accusations are being a nonsense backed by nothing. I consider such behavior as an absolutely unacceptable conduct; according to the maxcheaters.com website rules which are applied in this link :




i demand an infraction for @Kelloxfor false report and the deletion of posts defiling my honor and dignity as a trader.







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