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★ Rules★ Read Before Posting

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Hello and welcome to Fortnite section !


There is some rules that needs to be followed by everyone let's start..


- Putting Prefix before creating a thread !




- The only language you can use here is ENGLISH. In case you're willing to create a topic including another language conversation, please use the proper tags of the language (e.g. [GR], [BR], [RU] etc..) 



- Avoid creating topics for discussions/shares etc that have already been made. How to know if something has already been made? Just use the search box on the top.  




- If you post a guide or a share that isnt yours, don't forget to give proper credits.



- You are allowed to BUMP your topic only 24 hours after your last post You have just to press the following button:  gpDLtjE.png


- VIPs And Donators can bump 3 topics per day.


- Members can bump 1 topic per day.



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