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Turitor [v1.4.6] WordPress Theme Free Download NULLED

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Turitor Education WordPress Theme Free Download Nulled

Turitor Education WordPress Theme Free Download Nulled


Download Link (All files & documents)



Download Link (Installable Wordpress file only)



Turitor is an exceptional response for making educational stage and locales, LMS, educational substance promoters, online courses, and that is just a hint of something larger. The theme furthermore offers worked in group for school, kindergarten with the objective that you can use to dispatch a site for school or school quickly.


Turitor Education WordPress Theme is a WordPress theme that focuses on education.


WordPress eLearning Theme


Turitor is a distinctive solution for educational websites, online courses, learning management systems (LMS), educational content marketers, and more. You can use the theme to quickly construct a website for a university or school because it comes with a built-in layout for universities and kindergartens.

For a fantastic Education Website, this elegant Isometric Educational theme is developed with the Bootstrap4 foundation, Elementor Builder, Elements Kit Addons, BuddyPress, Unique Home Variations, and RTL Support.

Turitor also includes the LearnPress, LearnDash, and Tutor LMS plugins, transforming the theme into a full-fledged Learning Management System (LMS). so that you may make course curriculums, tests, and lesson plans, among other things WooCommerce is also supported by the theme.


It's an extent of our attitudes to education theme organizing that we're commonly vexed about despicableness in education Wordpress themes when it seems to affect UI conceivable outcomes. Irregularity in early youth education Wordpress themes – particularly the kind of education theme that is centered around building human restraints, aptitudes, and limits like creative mind and compassion related Wordpress locales – doesn't just promise to improve learning destinations. It offers more grounded, curious and inventive people. It doesn't just set them up for better themes, anyway better lives. At any rate, that is the assurance (and for our circumstance, the desire). That is the explanation we have made this all-new of its sort Wordpress theme, happily called Turitor – education Wordpress theme available for free download. 


Features: Turitor Theme Download

  • Full demo with a solitary tick foundation 
  • Tenacious header 
  • 2-course plan 
  • Live customizer 
  • PSD included 
  • 6 home assortments 
  • 6 differing header position 
  • Sidebar – Left, Right, none 
  • Elementor page producer 
  • Worked with parts unit 
  • Meform – for the most part versatile and plan sincere contact structure maker 
  • Unyson framework 
  • Isometric structure 
  • Great with WPLM 
  • Understanding arranged (.pot record included) 
  • Best for web streamlining 
  • In view of twitter bootstrap 4 
  • Responsive theme 
  • Text style wonderful, symbol textual style images 
  • Adolescent theme included 
  • Html 5 endorsed 
  • Google web content styles 
  • Beautician blog page 

Turitor Theme Documentation 

Easy to change and straightforward 

This brilliant isometric educational theme worked with bootstrap4 framework, Elementor engineer, parts unit addons, extraordinary home assortments for a perfect education site. 

Turitor Education WordPress Theme Free Download (Nulled)

Turitor similarly included with the learn press module, which bolsters the theme into all out learning the board structure (LMS). Along these lines, that you can make course educational arrangements, tests, practice timetables to say the least. The theme in like manner great with charm business, to sell courses through an extent of portion gateway decisions.  Source: Turitor education Wordpress theme free download


Credits of Turitor Theme

  • WPMet Structure 
  • Owl Merry go round 
  • FontAwesome Symbols 
  • Twitter Bootstrap 4 
  • Pictures utilized from Pixabay, Freepik, Photopin 
  • Elementor Manufacturer 
  • Learn Press 
  • Unyson Structure 
  • Components Unit
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Turitor is a standout solution for creating Educational Websites, Online Courses, LMS, Educational Content Marketers and more. The theme also offers built-in layout for University, Kindergarten so that you can use to launch a website for University or School quickly.


This stylish Isometric Educational theme built with Bootstrap4 framework, Elementor Builder, Elements Kit Addons, Unique home variations, RTL Support for a perfect Education Website.


Turitor also featured with LearnPress, LearnDash and Tutor LMS plugin, which boost the theme into a complete Learning Management System (LMS). So, that you can create course curriculums, quizzes, lesson schedules and more. The theme also compatible with WooCommerce, to sell courses via a range of payment gateway options.

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I'm excited to bring to your attention the release of Turitor WordPress Theme version 1.4.4. This latest version comes with a slew of enhancements, designed to offer an improved and more streamlined experience when building and customizing your WordPress site.

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