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Looking for Staffers - Promotions 2020


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Happy new year everyone. 

Our year will start with new promotions for 2020. 


We are looking for staffers for all positions:

Lineage 2 Moderator (L2 Moderator)

Graphics Moderator (GFX Moderator)

League of Legends Moderator (LOL Moderator)

World of Warcraft Moderator (WOW Moderator)


Active members for:

Gold Members


New categories moderators:

PUBG Moderator

Fortnite Moderator


In order to apply you have to include:

1.How many hours do you think you can spent on MaxCheaters.com daily?

2.Which games do you play mostly?

3.Include your skills (if any) such as programming, gaming, youtuber etc..

4. Ever been moderator in other forums? 

5. How good is your english language ? How many languages do you speak?

6. Why do you think we should accept you as a staffer here?


Also if you are an old member,active member,  or an old staffer , it may count positive for your application.


If you are interested send personal message here at Maxtor or send at admin@maxcheaters.com with subject: PROMOTIONS 2020

ps. you can include suggestions for other members.



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